Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am getting ready for my wedding and doing so well! I am almost done just working on my beauty routine so I look FABULOUS for my special day! 35 days and! I still can't believe it! I can't wait to share with you pictures of a life changing celebration! I have been working on my natural tan a bit and of course I got burnt! I know better...I own a sunless tanning business but sometimes you just want to be a bit tanner so here are some pre prep ideas you can use to lay out a bit before that special day and before your spray tan.

Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen! Rene Davis, who does my facials out here in Cabo, you can contact her at has this wonderful sunscreen that I use daily on my face called Doctor D. Schwab Umbrella High Environmental Moisturizer and the best thing about this product is it does not clog my pores. All other sunscreens I used always ended up making me break out and I could never find one to protect my face daily that would keep my lovely pale skin pale haha*

On my body I use Resort & Spa Skincare which I got when I swam with the dolphins. The great thing about this sunscreen is its natural and biodegradable so I always use this when laying out. Since its only SPF 15 I apply it quite often during a lay out session.

I apply both products focusing on my face, shoulders and neck/chest area.

I than put a nice moisturizing conditioner in my hair as I figure since I put a hat on I should moisturize my hair while I am at it! I also think the heat from the sun helps the conditioner penetrate my hair deeper.

I suggest laying out before noon or after 3 PM. The sun between 12-3 is the harshest on your skin and who needs a burn or damaged skin cells?

I keep my face and hair completely covered as I figure makeup and a spray tan do the trick and I avoid sun spots, wrinkles and burning on my delicate face.

I drink at least a liter of water to keep my skin and body hydrated the entire time and I keep a water bottle near me as well (glass of course)

After I am done its moisturizing time. I heat up some coconut oil and mix aloe vera with it and apply to my skin to get a nice moisturized feeling. I damp up a cool towel and wipe off the coconut oil and apply aloe vera again. Seems like a lot but I promise its so worth it!

From this base tan, I plan to spray tan of course to get that gorgeous even glow which I love! Pictures coming soon :) 35 day countdown....

Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday and having tons of fun with April Fools!

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