Monday, April 9, 2012


Hong Kong lifestyle is very interesting! Everyone here is super fit and you rarely see any unhealthy, obese people. I have been watching what a customary meal is in this culture and it is very surprising! Tons of noodles and pastries. I have never walked around so much in my life. I can not remember a time I had blisters on my feet wearing flats all day! I wish I knew how many miles I walked just out of curiosity but I can tell you I don't feel guilty indulging in an extra glass of wine at dinner time! Here are some of my eats so far...
Special blue ginger tea! Tea is VERY popular in the asian culture and it really has been helping my cravings for soda and other beverages because the teas are so flavorful! I don't even need to add honey to sweeten it! Ginger also supports a healthy immune system which is vital since I just traveled in a germ filled plane.

Delicious tomato broth vegetable soup filled with carrots, zucchini, bok choy, mushrooms and chard. The broth reminded me of tomato sauce so I felt as if I were eating a veggie pizza! Of course I skipped the roll in the corner :)

My finance enjoyed a delicious burger and fries with ketchup!

Contest winner Jessica Rosholom knew to well what I would eat! 

The shopping in Hong Kong is like NOTHING you have ever seen! Better than New York, so I have heard. Here I am in Prada while my fiancé is buying shoes I decided to try on some sunglasses!

A 3 story Louis Vuitton! 
My fiancé bought these shoes with me at Louis! I am so glad because my Loubitons could not walk these streets!

Fun city lights and very tall buildings!

Pinot Grigio at a local pub! I of course did my Star Systemz Skinny Star trick! This drink total was 105 calories not bad!

View from the Ferry!

Lunch at BLT steakhouse! Instead of overloading on calories at the Brunch Buffet I decided to order off the A La Carte menu! 

My gorgeous Tuna Tartare! The fats in the tuna and the avocado will provide me with the long term energy I need to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle of Hong Kong.

More pictures soon! I just have to say this: No excuses! I am in an AMAZING city and instead of taking taxis everywhere I am walking and enjoying the people watching, views and window shopping. I am making smart choices at every restaurant but of course enjoying my fair share in wine and treats. Its called moderation! 

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