Sunday, April 15, 2012


I may be obsessed with Hong Kong, but how can you blame me! Great food, amazing culture, so much to explore and learn! I could explore for years and still not experience all of it. 

Gorgeous Light Show, shown every night at 8 PM through the window of a restaurant in Kowloon called Aqua. I enjoyed a glass of red wine while watching this delightful show :)

This was interesting to me and I had never encountered it before. Its basically edamame, ginger, seaweed and onion. It is used in this culture as a starter to your meal. 

Sweet and sour fish with cashews and watercress. VERY spicy, yet appetizing. I love how spicy Chinese food is! Spices such as red chill peppers are great for the metabolism and help balance out all that sauce.

Shredded beef with shallots and onions. I focused mostly on the shallots and onions on this dish as I had my mushrooms coming and I wanted to try everything on the table and not waste my calories on fatty beef!

Braised tofu with Chinese mushrooms. The health benefits of mushrooms are endless, so I always try to incorporate some type of fungus into my dinner! The tofu was lightly breaded which I usually avoid but I will say it was quite tasty :) I got the sauce on the side as I asked the chef to go light on cooking oils, I guess that is light lol

My pupils are so LARGE so I look like an alien haha

Loubitons, Louis Vuitton and my favorite red dress! Out for day shopping throughout Hong Kong! Walking in heel is quite difficult, but I have noticed a nice defining shape in my calves because of it!

Loving the streets! Tons of walking and fashion! People love to dress up here and its fun to put on my nice dresses during the day.

Thinly sliced Beef capriccio, with tomatoes and arugula. I added the tomatoes to this dish because the Vitamin C in the tomatoes helps carry the Iron from the beef into my system. Connecting all of your foods to increase the vitamin consumption is key! Sometimes people crave certain foods or feel tired all the time due to lack of vitamins and minerals. The best way to receive all these vitamins and minerals is through food. Supplements are ok too just not always the best way. 

View from our room at the W! Writing away and getting inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle.

Just thought I would prove to you all how amazing the shopping was :)

I reached out to you my Stars and wanted to know what you thought was the healthiest choice out of these 3 options!
Shrimp Chips- 1 cup=104 calories, although relatively low in calories, fried, dried and salted is never a good choice
Spicy Wasabi Peas- Packed with protein, iron and not a high level of fat these were the best choice out of the three choices. Although they had some salt, they were so spicy I could barely eat them!
Shredded Nuts- A very tasty treat just very high in salt and they were so roasted with who knows what!

Tons more where this came from but back on schedule bringing you a lovely Motivational Monday to start off your week!

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