Monday, April 2, 2012


Monday again...lovely Monday of course! I took advantage of my surroundings and went on a lovely walk slathered with sunscreen and tanning oil all over my legs. I love tan legs, I just can never get enough! Tan legs hide all those scars, veins and make your legs look thinner (at least I think)

 Lovely flowers on my walk! The great thing about living in Cabo is there is different flowers and plants all around because of the heat!

Look who tried following me :)

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So again we are on the subject of CONFIDENCE, no matter how you truly feel about yourself the best thing to do is feel confident about WHO you are. And as the saying goes.."fake it till you make it," is super true especially when it comes to CONFIDENCE. 

An exercise you can try is write down everything you hate about yourself, tear it up and than write all the things you love about yourself! If you say I hate my thighs or I hate my arms and you have yet to start working out or eating healthy than the only person you can blame is yourself. I swear you walk around a gym and most people in there show CONFIDENCE. Thats because they feel good about taking the time to do good for themselves, no matter how far they have come. Some of us have a ton of weight to lose and may not feel 100% right away but if you are working on it and show you are confident about how far you have come you will SHINE and also help others as the quote says CONFIDENCE is CONTAGIOUS! So get on it :)

Surround yourself with people who love YOU and are cheering you on. Stay away from those negative Nancy's who bring you down and don't support your confident, glowing, beautiful SELF. You are BEAUTIFUL!

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