Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today's tip is to start identifying the moods you feel while consuming certain foods. I did this when I started my life long changes and it helped me understand more about my body and myself. Not only was I consuming so much sugar I was on the verge of getting diabetes (not all type 2 diabetes people are obese) I was relying on it as my MAIN food source. That is right all I ate was SUGAR. Fast reliable energy source that can kill you. I noticed it was always a high on the sugar energy and than a huge crash where I would literally fall asleep and than eat more sugar go back up and it just turned into this vicious cycle. I soon learned that I needed to step away from the sugar and start eating REAL foods. When I say real I mean foods that grow in the ground, have a mother (sorry veggies) and are organic and natural sources of food! I can't tell you how much better I feel...healthy, strong and energetic!

I have had clients who eat certain foods when stressed. Its time to look at that and figure out what makes you stressed and why is it that you reach for that salty or sugary snack when those moods/feelings occur. You must IDENTIFY these emotions, deal with them, rid of them and than you can conquer that craving and see results. 

There is also replacing that craving with something else. I used to be a HUGE candy muncher and now I drink herbal tea all day everyday! I love it and it cures my sweet tooth with herbs and low to 0 calories! 

What do you crave? Comment and let me know and feel free to ask questions about your consumption records!

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