Friday, April 13, 2012


I am LOVING the lifestyle here in HONG KONG. People walk EVERYWHERE! LITERALLY! It is so much more efficient to just walk or take a subway than it is to drive because of how overcrowded it is here. I have been really indulging in the culture and learning the way of the Asian woman because they are all so small like myself. I am 5'1 and built very petite. The way someone of my size eats and exercises is much different than your average bear :) Asian women typically are of my stature and it is interesting to see how they eat and incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. People here literally walk everywhere! I tried turning on my pedometer today but it shut off and I forgot to check it :( 

I took this picture to show you how many people walk around here! Just look up the hill :)

Wherever I am not sure if its just me, but I enjoy finding myself in a new gym. New equipment, faces, exercises classes, trainers, routines the whole bit! I love it. I went to California Fitness Wan Chai while staying at The Fleming and Sweat at the W in Kowloon. This trip was great for me because I ran to the gym, headed to a foam roller and stretched and than would continue on with my normal routine. I had many trainers and fit club members come up to me and ask me about the different floor exercises and stretches I was doing. It felt great teaching others about my routines and explaining to people why I was moving to different machines every 10 or so minutes. I guess people here like to stick to one machine! I hate doing that, not only is is BORING, my calves may start to cramp or worse my leg might just stop moving. I love the change up and get to jump rope, run, use the elliptical and the stairs and work all different parts of my legs but still get that cardio blast. I do love a good TABATA of course but its always nice to change up your routine!

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