Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What is TABATA?
  • Tabata is a high intensity interval workout system that was researched in Japan by Izumi Tabata.
  • Izumi Tabata studied two groups of athletes to compare moderate high intensity interval training to high intensity interval training
  • Tabata found that the group testing the high intensity interval training improved both there anaerobic (without use of oxygen) and aerobic (use of oxygen) systems while the other moderate high intensity interval training group only improved there anaerobic system.
Basically Tabata training is:
  • Pushing hard for 20 seconds
  • Resting for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 rounds
Why Tabata?

  • Tabata produces incredible result in under 10 minutes which for most would equal the amount of 45 minutes on a steady cardio machine

Tabata Workout (Beginner)

Because of the intensity of Tabata training, I suggest starting out here and working your way up!

  1. Start with a light warm-up for 2 minutes, this signals the body and prepares it for exercise. For those at home do some light jumping jacks, stationary jogging or just walk up some stairs nice and easy. For those at the gym get on the treadmill at a 2.5-3.0 pace and walk moving your arms to increase heart rate. Stretch your body out as well!!
  2. You are now ready, keep close to a clock as you will need to be on top of your timing, or pick up a Tabata timer for free on your Ipod http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabata-timer/id391275156?mt=
  3. You will need a jump rope and I recommend an exercise/yoga mat as it is much more comfortable and NEVER forget your WATER BOTTLE!

Tabata Week 1

V-ups-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds

Lunges-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Squats-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Bicycle Crunches-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jumping Jacks w/ squat-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Lady Push-Ups-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds

Simple yet very effective
*If you want a challenge do real push ups and put some 3-5 lb weights in your hands while doing those jumping jack squats!
*Put yourself to work and PUSH yourself

Let me know how this one works out, I plan to do it later this afternoon possibly after my resistance training!

Love and Shine

Monday, November 28, 2011

Motivation Monday

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday's: Coffee Grounds

Fabulous Friday: Coffee Grounds

Instead of randomly blogging to you, I have decided to make certain days special days and talk about certain topics. Friday has been dubbed Fabulous Friday as we all are FABULOUS and it is always nice when you have some time during the weekend to mix up some new beauty potions! I am all about homemade natural beauty fixes so Friday will now be dedicated to a certain natural beauty fix!

This week it is coffee grounds! Although this can be messy with a towel around it will be an easy cleanup! Most everyone I encounter drinks coffee on a normal basis and ends up throwing away these magically grounds! Here are some uses that will make you start saving these fabulous throw aways!

Shine Off the Cellulite
Every cellulite cream contains caffeine so save yourself the money and make your own with this quick and easy recipe!
Stand on a towel as the coffee grounds falls off a bit
Take 1/4 cup warm water, used coffee ground, and one tablespoon of olive oil
Mix around with your hands until mixture is all combined
Take a loofah and apply mixture to cellulite areas
Wrap area in plastic wrap and wait for 15 minutes
Unwrap over towel and rinse off with warm water
Repeat every 4 days for results!

Perk My Face Facial
Need a quick firm and tone?
Mix 1/4 cup of used coffee grounds and one egg white
Stir it all together
Massage onto face and allow it to dry until egg white becomes hard
Rinse off with warm water
Follow with your favorite moisturizer

Glow My Hair
Recommended for those with darker shade of hair, us blondies need to stay away from this magic potion!!
After brewing up that cup of joe and allow the coffee grounds to cool down until warm not hot
Apply the coffee to your morning dry hair,eat your breakfast, about 20 minutes, and hop in the shower rinsing with warm water
Wahlaa beautiful glowing shining hair! The grounds sometimes add a bit of natural highlight to those with light brown hair!

Kill the Stink
I love cooking but at times it leaves my hands stinky! Especially when I am cooking fish, chopping onions or garlic. An easy fix is to:
Rub a handful of used grounds all over you hands and rinse with warm water
The grounds of coffee neutralize and deodorize smell!
This also works with those who smoke cigarettes!