Monday, January 30, 2012


My laptop finally works again, I am so pleased! I just have to keep moving or else it shuts off.

Today I want you to push through your workout! Add those extra 5 reps and those extra 5 lbs, push yourself during cardio and add an extra 10 minutes! You can do it, you just have to push yourself and try.

Prepping my goals for February! It has been so difficult without a laptop to work on my rosetta stone and blog everyday but now NO excuses!

Have an amazing start to your week,

Sunday, January 29, 2012



Getting a tan is the key to looking healthy, young and vibrant! Getting a tan and keeping it is the hard part. Even with a spray tan you can risk the color by not taking care of your skin properly. Here are some tips on prolonging your tan and keeping your perfect glow for as long as ten days!

-Moisturize day and night
-Pat dry your skin after the shower
-Use baby oil instead of shaving cream
-Avoid exfoliants of any kind
-Avoid chlorine as it reacts to the DHA in the spray tan and causes dry skin

Try out a spray tan and see how you can make your skin tan and glow without damaging it!

Check out for more information!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


And here it is Tuesday :) The one thing I love about Tuesday's is that I am over the Monday thing and ready to get my week fired up!

Check out this Tabata I rocked this morning and try it for yourself! It is a real sweat creator!

-2 minutes pre cardio warm up with stretching-
Jump Rope-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Lunge Jumps-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Froggy Jumps-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Sumo Squats-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Lunges with Knee Raise-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Lunge Jumps-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds
Froggy Jumps-20 seconds
REST-10 Seconds

-2 minutes resting cardio and stretching-
-I know you can do it-


Let me know how it worked out!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes all you need to get you going is just a little bit of something. That something needs to be your motivation! What motivates you to stop eating junk food? What is your motivation to go to the gym? What makes you want to not just show up but sweat a storm and push yourself?

There has to be something! Write your goals down, make promises to yourself, reward yourself (not with food) but with a manicure or new workout clothes etc.!

Motivation is key and is why I wake up every morning at 7 am to sweat and workout and than go and do it all over again mid afternoon! My motivation is myself and I know the steps to get where I want to be. It takes more than just doing you must perform it! Total health is not just one step its a lifestyle!

Get motivated and write down what motivates you :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday and we all know what Friday is time to get FABULOUS :) Naturally of course! This weeks pick is apple cider vinegar. I am sure a ton of you have heard of this magical potion and know that tons of celebs kick start their days with this stuff or do crazy cleanses of just apple cider vinegar but did you know it also has beauty properties? I am about to give you two easy recipes that you can add to your routines or just when you want an extra oomph to your look :)

Apple My Swell Away

Many of you come home from a long day of work with swollen feet and hands. Or how about those who wear heels ALL THE TIME? (that being myself ;)) Your feet probably hate you by now but I could never take my heels off EVER!

Apple Cider Vinegar has come to the rescue!

Just take your bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and take a Warm towel and massage the apple cider vinegar into your hands and feet. Now relax :)

Thats it!

This one might surprise you but it works I have done it the day after I had a few glasses of red wine for years.

Whiten Me Cider
Take Apple Cider Vinegar and place on a tooth brush.
Slowly massage apple cider vinegar onto teeth.
Take some water swish around and spit out.

Now you can rock your new white smile stain free :)

Enjoy your weekends!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Lately, I have been trying to switch things up as I feel I need a different push. Working out takes a toll on our bodies and when pushing too much your body starts to feel stressed. I used to do a 7 day a week workout whether it was a hardcore cardio push, strength training or just an easy pilates toning day, I always did SOMETHING.

The next three months, I have been putting together another schedule as my current training schedule, I feel has been overwhelming to my body and my body is starting to store. This is what they call a "plateau."

A "plateau" is when the body gets used to your body doing the same routine over and over again and you either stop losing weight and stop gaining muscle which of course is the ultimate goal. Most want low body fat and of course to do this the "correct" way you must gain muscle.

My new schedule looks a bit like this:

Monday-Stretching morning/chest and triceps at night
Tuesday-Tabata morning/bicep and back at night
Wednesday-Cardio morning/shoulders and abs at night
Thursday-Stretching morning/legs at night
Friday-Tabata morning/rest at night
Saturday-Cardio or Tabta morning/full body strength at night

Hopefully I see some results because from what I can see my current routine is not working out for me or its just that holiday bloat.

What is your current routine? Sometimes you need to switch something up in order to maximize your efforts. I am tweaking with my nutritional plan right now as well and avoiding certain foods and alcohol. I know I did some damage to my liver and staying away from alcohol, fatty foods and caffeine. I also have been squeezing lemons in everything as lemon is a strong detoxifier for the liver. I recommend squeezing lemons in your water and teas in order to help that holiday liver out ;)

Enjoy your weekend and remember your body is a temple, love it and treat it right and in no time your summer bod will be rockin ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Barley is a power food! Low glycemic index, low fat, contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, cholesterol free, antioxidants and phytochemicals. With only 144 calories for 1/4 cup of barley you can add a ton of vegetables and you have yourself a meal for under 200 calories. You could also add some lean skinless chicken chopped in barley and vegetables for a protein and nutrient packed meal for under 300 calories.

Because of its low glycemic index many of those who worry about blood sugar levels should switch your typically oatmeal breakfast for barley. It also contains more fiber than oatmeal. Oatmeal has about 3.98 grams for one cup whereas barley has 13.6 grams for one cup. Beat that oatmeal :)

Forms of barley include:
  • Pearled Barley-Not recommended as the way they "pearl" and polish the barley it takes away most of the amazing nutrients the barley provides. It is less chewy, and cooks quicker but not worth it when it takes away what barley is intended to do.
  • Hulled Barley-The outermost part of hulled barley gets removed and although it is more chewy and takes a bit more time to soak and cook it keeps all of its nutrients!
  • Barley flakes-Flattened and smoothed out this type of barley may or may not be the best choice. Sometimes companies use pearled barley instead of hulled so be sure to read those labels and get the most out of what you eat.
  • Pot/scotch barley-Stuck in between hulled and pearled this type is commonly used in soups. They polish it and remove the outer hull but the barley is not polished for too long so it still retains most of its nutrients.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


2 minutes of light cardio to get your heart and body moving :)

Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Air Squats-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Wall Sit with Bicep Curl- 20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Plank-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Bicycle Crunches-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Squat Jumps-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds


2 minutes of light cardio to put your heart back on and breathe!

I am sure if you have been following my blog you are ready to repeat this lovely tabata at least one more time :)

Enjoy and do not forget to stretch your brains out this one might make you a bit sore ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012


A bad attitude can ruin many things in your life besides making you a frustrated individual. Putting forth a positive attitude in any situation will make your life easier and those around you more willing to help you obtain those goals.

Today I want you to start your day off with a thank you and a laugh. Enjoy your life and your life will bring you more joy. Things will never be perfect so why not make the best out of every situation?

Enjoy your week and show love and joy to everything you do!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ever see one of those older ladies whose skin looks like an old leather purse? Stop the damage now because you missy will be there one day if you do not stop laying out with that baby oil and no sun protection!

Protect your skin when laying out and realize that your skin is actually an organ!

Sunblock is vital when heading outside even if it is cold out! SPF actually stands for sun protection factor and people these days are not getting enough sun protection from your standard sun screens. The difference between sunblock and sunscreen is crucial when shopping for new sun protection. Sunblock contains particles that physically block the suns UV rays while sunscreen absorbs the UV rays before they damage the skin. One thing to be aware of is that an SPF lower than 15 will do you no good and any sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 does not protect you anymore.

How do you know you are applying enough?
The volume of a shot glass is the correct amount when generously applying sunblock to your skin

Make sure your sun protection is sweat proof and water proof and that you are re-applying every 2 hours or so. Most sunscreens take about 30 minutes to completely absorb into the skin so take that time into consideration before exposing yourself to the sun. Sunblocks can be applied right before walking into the sun so take that into consideration!

I hope you take into consideration how valuable and precious your skin truly is!

Try one of my custom spray tans out and see how amazing and tan you can be without damaging your precious skin :) Check out and book your appointment now :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I went to the market yesterday and noticed an abundance of avocados! I said to myself, why am I spending money on this Olay anti-aging stuff when I know about this wonderful fruit! Not only is it an amazing facial remedy it also provides a significant amount of moisture to your hair and skin!

Tips on Avocados
  • Avocados are very perishable so when making your magic potion use right away
  • Fully ripened avocados will show you the best results
  • To ripen an avocado faster place avocado in a brown paper bag with a banana for two days
  • After cutting avocado in half squeeze a lime, wrap in plastic and store in refrigerator

Peel Me Beautiful Face
-1 avocado skin

  1. Take the skin of the avocado
  2. Rub it and massage into face for 2-3 minutes
  3. Leave the oil from the skin on your face for about 10 minutes
  4. Wash your face and pat dry

-The peel contains many oils that will help moisturize the skin
-This remedy is great for the winter as skin tends to be dryer during this season
-Try doing this while making guacamole

Green Hair Machine
-1 avocado
-1 egg yolk
-1/2 teaspoon olive oil

  1. Take a shower and just wet hair
  2. With damp hair mash 1/2 an avocado in a bowl
  3. Add olive oil and egg yolk and mix until constancy is that of a conditioner
  4. Place mix starting at your ends and working up into hair
  5. Massage and leave on for 30 minutes
  6. Rinse and shampoo as normal with luke warm water
-Avocados being rich in polyunsaturated fats and protein is ideal for hair rejuvenation. The fats and proteins will help bring dead, dull hair back to life and fill the breakage with natural fats and proteins.

Have an amazing weekend and I hope you enjoy some natural, organic beauty this weekend!


Next time you head out to eat remember some of these key words :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Many people try and find alternatives to your everyday brown rice or wild rice side dish. I admit it gets old! Grilled chicken/fish, vegetables and brown rice everyday gets old and let me tell you I have done it and still do it. I try and be creative with my spices and spice things up but sometimes you just need something else besides that. I am a huge fan of lentils! Lentils not only come in many varieties but have the nutrition of perfection! One other thing about lentils is they suck up flavors very well and are fairly easy to make.

The nutritional profile of these little magical legumes is no fat, tons of protein and fiber! You can not beat that! 1 cup of lentils yields about 230 calories so add in low calorie vegetables some herbs and spices and you have a very filling meal for under 300 calories!

The high fiber content in foods like lentils provides less risk for heart disease. Lentils also stabilize blood sugars so for those with diabetes or following a glycemic index diet grab those lentils.

I suggest purchasing dry lentils in a bag, I feel they keep texture longer. The taste of lentils is a nutty grain taste but can easily be altered with the use of herbs and spices. I personally enjoy black lentils because I enjoy a more "earthy" flavor but for those new to lentils I suggest green lentils as they hold shape and have tons of flavor!

Lentil Vegetable Stew
-2 cups lentils
-4 cups water
-1 red pepper
-1 yellow pepper
-1 orange pepper
-2 stalk celery
-1/2 red onion
-1 carrot
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1 lemon

  1. Wash lentils and remove any tiny stones, damaged lentils or dirt
  2. Place 4 cups of water in large pot than place lentils in the pot
  3. Turn the stove on to med-high and wait till boil
  4. Cut up all vegetables into small cubes, the smaller the better
  5. Once lentils are boiling, set stove to simmer and start mixing in vegetables
  6. The lentils will start soaking up the water keep mixing in vegetables
  7. Once water is half way soaked up start adding in olive oil, rosemary and juice of 1 lemon
  8. Water will continue soaking into stew
  9. Wait about 3-5 minutes and take a taste
  10. Add pepper until taste is desirable
Now you have a very easy dish that can be used in a variety of ways. You can either make it a side dish or add some type of lean chicken diced up in the mix. The vegetables I chose were just leftover from cooking all week so if you would like to add other vegetables go for it! The more vegetables the better :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have been completing my tabatas at the end of my strength training. During strength training the body uses glucose to provide energy to the muscles and body. Once the glucose is all used up the body relies on fat to give it the fuel it needs to power through a workout. A quick 4 minute burst of intense cardio will help burn that extra fat and keep the flame firing for several hours after your workout.

Give it a try, I promise results!


-Start out with a 2 minute light cardio warm up and a quick stretch
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Froggy Jumps-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
High Knees-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Mountain Climbers-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Squat Jumps-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Jump Rope-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
High Knees-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds
Mountain Climbers-20 seconds
Rest-10 seconds

-Do light cardio for 2 minutes and stretch!

Todays playlist: Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Let me know how it works out :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Motivational Monday's are one of my favorite posts. One of the new things I am trying this year is to wake up and be thankful and not just thankful but inspired to do something or start something new. As of right now I plan to blog every day and become an expert blogger since I love giving people inspiration and information that I have gathered through out the years.

One thing I have noticed about being a personal trainer is peoples mindsets about how much financially they will have to spend to have one. One thing most people do not understand is that a personal trainer is not only certified, a personal trainer becomes your cheerleader and inspiration to complete your goals. The other thing is that changing your health and nutrition for a life time will bring those medical bills and Doctor visits down.

Today, I want you to be inspired to realize that as my quote above says, the first wealth is health because if you do not fix your health and your lifestyle no matter how wealthy you are you are unable to enjoy your life if you are always sick or have a disease. Most diseases and health problems occur from your eating and lifestyle habits.

Nutrition and eating well is obvious and most know what to do they just do not and make excuses for why they do not eat well. Eating well is a choice and a lifestyle. After detoxing your body and mind from cravings you forget about them completely. I had a problem personally with sugar but as of now I am able to enjoy some candy on my birthday and Christmas and I am happy with that choice and have become very healthy because of it.

Lifestyle habits you can change are leaving stress where you left it. A lot of people have stressful jobs, lets face it, but bringing the stress home with you will leave you with 0 stress free environments. Make a change and leave the stress at work and come home and find a hobby you enjoy to focus your time with. Read a book, do some yoga, meditate, sew there are tons and tons of options!

Lead a healthy lifestyle and wealth will attract to you like a magnet :)

I hope all of you are getting an amazing start to 2012!

Love and Shine,


Sunday, January 1, 2012


I hope everyone enjoyed last night, I sure did! We were going to go out and be crazy but ended up at an amazing dinner party and watched the fireworks! Afterwards it was pretty crazy downtown so we just headed home. Sometimes all you need is some good food, close friends and a gorgeous fireworks show!

Get your engines fired up, 2012 is here :)

Love and Shine