Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday and we all know what Friday is time to get FABULOUS :) Naturally of course! This weeks pick is apple cider vinegar. I am sure a ton of you have heard of this magical potion and know that tons of celebs kick start their days with this stuff or do crazy cleanses of just apple cider vinegar but did you know it also has beauty properties? I am about to give you two easy recipes that you can add to your routines or just when you want an extra oomph to your look :)

Apple My Swell Away

Many of you come home from a long day of work with swollen feet and hands. Or how about those who wear heels ALL THE TIME? (that being myself ;)) Your feet probably hate you by now but I could never take my heels off EVER!

Apple Cider Vinegar has come to the rescue!

Just take your bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and take a Warm towel and massage the apple cider vinegar into your hands and feet. Now relax :)

Thats it!

This one might surprise you but it works I have done it the day after I had a few glasses of red wine for years.

Whiten Me Cider
Take Apple Cider Vinegar and place on a tooth brush.
Slowly massage apple cider vinegar onto teeth.
Take some water swish around and spit out.

Now you can rock your new white smile stain free :)

Enjoy your weekends!

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