Monday, January 2, 2012


Motivational Monday's are one of my favorite posts. One of the new things I am trying this year is to wake up and be thankful and not just thankful but inspired to do something or start something new. As of right now I plan to blog every day and become an expert blogger since I love giving people inspiration and information that I have gathered through out the years.

One thing I have noticed about being a personal trainer is peoples mindsets about how much financially they will have to spend to have one. One thing most people do not understand is that a personal trainer is not only certified, a personal trainer becomes your cheerleader and inspiration to complete your goals. The other thing is that changing your health and nutrition for a life time will bring those medical bills and Doctor visits down.

Today, I want you to be inspired to realize that as my quote above says, the first wealth is health because if you do not fix your health and your lifestyle no matter how wealthy you are you are unable to enjoy your life if you are always sick or have a disease. Most diseases and health problems occur from your eating and lifestyle habits.

Nutrition and eating well is obvious and most know what to do they just do not and make excuses for why they do not eat well. Eating well is a choice and a lifestyle. After detoxing your body and mind from cravings you forget about them completely. I had a problem personally with sugar but as of now I am able to enjoy some candy on my birthday and Christmas and I am happy with that choice and have become very healthy because of it.

Lifestyle habits you can change are leaving stress where you left it. A lot of people have stressful jobs, lets face it, but bringing the stress home with you will leave you with 0 stress free environments. Make a change and leave the stress at work and come home and find a hobby you enjoy to focus your time with. Read a book, do some yoga, meditate, sew there are tons and tons of options!

Lead a healthy lifestyle and wealth will attract to you like a magnet :)

I hope all of you are getting an amazing start to 2012!

Love and Shine,


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