Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ever see one of those older ladies whose skin looks like an old leather purse? Stop the damage now because you missy will be there one day if you do not stop laying out with that baby oil and no sun protection!

Protect your skin when laying out and realize that your skin is actually an organ!

Sunblock is vital when heading outside even if it is cold out! SPF actually stands for sun protection factor and people these days are not getting enough sun protection from your standard sun screens. The difference between sunblock and sunscreen is crucial when shopping for new sun protection. Sunblock contains particles that physically block the suns UV rays while sunscreen absorbs the UV rays before they damage the skin. One thing to be aware of is that an SPF lower than 15 will do you no good and any sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 does not protect you anymore.

How do you know you are applying enough?
The volume of a shot glass is the correct amount when generously applying sunblock to your skin

Make sure your sun protection is sweat proof and water proof and that you are re-applying every 2 hours or so. Most sunscreens take about 30 minutes to completely absorb into the skin so take that time into consideration before exposing yourself to the sun. Sunblocks can be applied right before walking into the sun so take that into consideration!

I hope you take into consideration how valuable and precious your skin truly is!

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