Saturday, April 28, 2012


Cravings are tricky and really severe cravings are signs your body is sending you to tell you about other problems you may be having. So again, yesterday I mentioned you need to LISTEN to your body and I mean it! For those of you who have a hard time doing so there may be some stress or emotional imbalances you need to take care of first! 

When your body starts craving breads for instance (like "I NEED BREAD NOW") you may be lacking nitrogen or you simply could have a yeast problem or maybe you did not eat enough that day and your body is craving a high energy source (calories are units of energy). If this is a constant battle the first two are most likely if you are not in a stressed, emotional imbalance.

Foods that contain the most nitrogen are provided in the chart above so get eating!

Eat small frequent foods throughout the day but NEVER force food just because its TIME to eat. That always drove me crazy and I learned that eating when hungry, slowly, calmly and nutritiously dense has given me the best results. There are days where I have a bit of breakfast, a snack a bit later and lunch than a snack and than dinner! Some days its just the 3 meals, I NEVER force myself, I LISTEN. Listen to your body and ask why certain cravings occur, ask questions to certified specialists or go for it and research it yourself ( 

I hope all of you have an AMAZING SHINING SATURDAY

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