Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am preparing and packing for a trip my finance and I will be taking to Hong Kong! I am so excited not only because I have NEVER been to an Asian country but because I get to experience a whole new culture and lifestyle. Sure I have been to Ireland, Costa Rica and Mexico which have all been amazing experiences but to go somewhere like Hong Kong does not compare!

I thought I would share with my readers a quick tip for packing since this is something I love doing and it works out perfectly! You know all of those samples you get at Sephora or Planet Beauty? Well save them because they will come in handy. What is pictured below is 10 days worth of shampoo, conditioner, styling balm, exfoliator, eye makeup remover, lotion, face wash and toothpaste! Crazy right? The best part is I can carry it on! No more worrying about your stuff being lost in space :)

Star Systemz Travel Tip: Use Samples to Travel

I am also getting married in 30 days! I am so excited and have been working hard with my wedding planner Rachel Hansen of to get it done! We planned everything in less than 5 months :) For a destination wedding, with people flying in I think we did an amazing job!

Here are some tidbit pictures I took so you can get a behind the scenes look of what I worked on:

Glass Heart Wedding Favor handmade at The Glass Factory

Gold Painted Wedding Welcome Baskets for my Out-of-Towners

 I would show you what is inside but I will wait until my guests receive them :)

My crafting table! This is where I view my gorgeous beach and pretend to make things for the wedding :)

 I have also been laying out in my backyard a bit to get a nice base tan for my wedding day, check out my how-to here

Random day my fiancé and I went looking for props for our wedding :) I am a true Irish girl with truly pale/red toned skin so I am proud I have somewhat of a base color here!

I took my very first Louis Vuitton purse which had holes in it and got it turned into a laptop purse! I definitely recommend taking a second look at your damaged clothes or purses because you can change it into something else and make use of it again! I am so happy my laptop has a gorgeous home and that my old purse feels brand new again!

Me laying out pretending to have duck lips...I wish...

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