Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Ceylon Cinnamon=GOOD
I love Cinnamon! I put it in my tea, my oatmeal, and just about everything I used to put sugar on or in. There is only one problem with Cinnamon and something YOU should be alert about. I advise you to get out your spice and see if it has the word, Cassia, if so throw it out NOW. You are harming your liver and other vital organs in your body. Just when you thought you were regulating your blood sugars with your favorite spice you could actually be harming yourself. If not, it should say Ceylon and if you are not sure here are some tips to check it out

Cassia Cinnamon=BAD

-A real cinnamon stick is a light brown color not a dark color
-The aroma of a real cinnamon stick will be light whereas the Cassia version will have a strong aroma
-Ceylon (good) cinnamon looks like a cigar whereas Cassia looks like an empty tube
-Taste test: Ceylon has a sweet taste whereas Cassia has a flat taste
-Saigon Cinnamon is bad (Cassia) whereas Ceylon Cinnamon or Real Cinnamon is a winner

So great information but where can I buy the real deal? The truth about it, is that Real Cinnamon has not been present in America for at least 100 years. There are health food stores that carry the real deal and I found this website http://ceyloncinnamonproducts.com/Statement_Quality.php that has the real deal as well.

Just be aware of what you are putting in your body. Remember that stores and food suppliers must market there foods so ignore the flashy marketing terms and read the fine print!

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