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I noticed Ashley Armstrong at a Tomatoes meeting and could not wait to meet her. I saw a beautiful, knowledgable, healthy and radiantly glowing mother! I ran right up to her and introduced myself and after that I found her on face book. From there I connected with her when she introduced her product The Super Food Booster. I am currently studying the health benefits of super foods and have been having a difficult time finding them out here in Cabo so when I saw Ashely selling this product I jumped right on it! 

I went to visit her at her home where I picked up my delicious Super Food Booster and got to talk with her a bit. I really fell in love with her passion for introducing others to health benefits and foods that most do not have any knowledge of. I also fell in love with her radiant, daughter who ran up and hugged me! I have never seen in my life such a healthy, glowing baby. Most babies you see look tired and sick but this baby was special. This is because Ashley is well versed in raising a healthy child and specializes in getting your kids to eat those healthy foods! She even makes cookies with healthy ingredients and hides seaweed in there if you can believe it!

The superfood booster is my new favorite addition to my smoothies because it contains organic seeds, buckwheat, goji berries, mulberries, apple pieces, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, cinnamon, maca and xylitol, camu camu, turmeric and ginger all in 2 tablespoons! I tasted the booster alone and I wanted to eat all 8 oz in one sitting! Receiving all these vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber and iron without gluten and vegan is insane especially since it tastes so yummy! 
Star Systemz Super Smoothie using Baja Super Booster

I wanted to introduce Ashley ( and to my readers so I asked her a few questions and LOVE her answers! She really shows who she is and why she is so passionate about helping others be healthy and raise there children the same!

1. How did you learn about super foods?

 I am a natural health practitioner, I work with naturopathy, homeopathy, body cleansing, natural medicine and other alternative therapies. From this I gained a lot of wonderful information, plus I grew up in an overly healthy, athletic home !

2. What made you want to start creating the Super Food Booster?

I am a mother of two amazing girls and even though we eat healthy, they still get into their "I don't like that" tantrums. So I am always adding extra special ingredients to boost their immune system and mine.

Plus, every time I make something, i.e. super cookies or super brownies for my family, my friends, clients and Cabo locals, all hound me to sell it to them. So, I realized a gap needed to be filled, hard to get super foods, for us locals.

3. Who can benefit from the Super Food Booster?

The food booster is for the whole family. Babies under 1 years of age is not recommended, because of possible allergies. You need to try one ingredient at a time to make sure, other wise it's up to each family. My girls always ate things earlier than normal.

4. Tell me how you got into nutrition, natural medicine, infant education and child birth education.

That's a long winded question. But to try and sum it up I would say, it started with my up bringing of a super athletic and healthy family. My father attended 4 olympics for downhill ski racing, as the Olympians technician.

Once I was into my teen years, I was very active in competing and then teaching and developing programs in the snow sport industry. Which was when, I really developed health issues and not one doctor could help me. So a process of elimination and then into college, I gained more awareness of how food reacts with your body and how your mental attitude controlled EVERYTHING.

Then the move to here, Cabo San Lucas, from Whistler, Canada. I was not able to work, so I focused on my then, hand crafted jewelry business and diving knee deep into personal growth of mental, emotional, nutritional, environmental, spiritual health and went back to school to become a Natural Health Practitioner, hoping to continue to my doctorate this year.

The child development really took place once I became pregnant with my first child. My motto in life is "knowledge is power and power is CHOICE !" Again, it was knee deep into studying and learning all avenues of child development, education and then onto birthing.

The recent start up of my other company Eat Pray Love Baby, found on Facebook or, came to light after having a pow-wow with my meditation coach, Gaby De La Rosa, of another gap here in Los Cabos. From there, I again went Knee deep into what I love and do best. Teach, educate, share and I hope to inspire our locals from all walks of life, by showing them, they have a hand for support.

5. Tell me about your baby classes. Where do they take place? When is the next class?

The child birth and infant education courses are amazing. I get to take my holistic world, child development and birth world and role it all up into one huge, jam packed ball of information goodness. That it makes me excited to think about how much information there is, and how much more I can learn still. 

We discus everything from how to be a good support, for both parents and much needed training for the father or partner to be. Labor, labor options -holistic to medical, birth pain management and relaxation, nutrition, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, newborn care, CPR, baby massage, making super baby food and my favorite, conscious parenting. More information can be found at or contact me directly.

The classes are being held at Yoga-Shala, in the Home Depot plaza up stairs, above where Green Tree used to be. The first infant class is from 4pm-5:30 pm, april 28th and the next Child Birth course is 6-9pm on April 28th. I need to be contacted for registration, there is limited space in the studio.

6. What is one food you can not live without?

Oh, dear..... That is not a question I do well with. All of them ! haha, well veggies, fruits and seeds ! To narrow it down more, would have to be tomatoes, avocado, bell peppers, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, wakame, swish card, lemons/limes, coconut oil, my Yummy Tummy Probiotic Drink, I make and sell and Whistler/Vancouver quality sushi. Basically I am a smorgus board person and eater, I love all styles, all health foods, I can't commit to one.

7. If you could tell someone one thing about yourself what would it be?

Well, I feel like I practice this one a lot. "I screw up as much as the next person, I am not perfect but I don't stop trying to grow and be a better person."

8. What other products and services do you offer?

Other than the therapies and already mentioned nothing else. just the probiotic drink, and soon the probiotic to go, the food booster, and the cookies are just for fun. they are organic, non-gmo, gluten free made with garbanzo bean, millet, spirulina, kelp, chia seeds, flaxseeds, cacao nibs. The brownies are made with black beans, cacao powder and cacao nibs.

9. Anything else you feel would be informative to my readers.

Well, one piece of advise would be to, "always read your labels ! Including Baja Super Foods, Food Booster.
and to "view people, like you,(Courtney) and me, who spend the time and funds to educate our selfs, to better our selfs and in return, offer to help our communities, to be viewed as professionals as well. 

It does not hurt to try something new, it can be quite fun, as an example. I use other alternative therapies, like EFT-emotional freedom technique, nuero-sensory algorithms-strategic mind messaging, and touch for health-energy running. They are all proven to be fun and amazingly affective, for my clients and myself.

10. How can I contact you and try some of those delicious super food cookies everyone talks about?

At this moment, the best way is through email or or on Facebook through, me, Ashley Armstrong, or Alternative Medicine Coach or Baja Super Foods or Eat Pray Love Baby, Child Birth Courses. Lots of options, and after 3 days of requests, I am baking some super cookies tomorrow.

Feel free to contact Ashley Armstrong at or on Facebook at Ashley Armstrong, or Alternative Medicine Coach or Baja Super Foods or or sign up for her Child Birth Courses on April 28th. She is also available for Skype coaching for those who are not in the Baja area at: AlternativeMedicineCoach and

Give her cookies and brownies a try, I promise you will be hooked!

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