Monday, April 9, 2012


Traveling is ruthless on your health, well of course if you make it! I have learned along the way some important tips to staying beautiful and staying healthy when traveling. I just landed in Hong Kong yesterday after 23 hours of flying! My fiancé and I are exhausted but so excited to spend time in another continent and see a lifestyle that is so different than anything either of us has ever experienced!

A few important tips in this video I made in the hotel room once we arrived :) Don't laugh to hard, its the FIRST video I have ever made. I plan to make a ton while I am out here so follow me on youtube, FACEBOOK or Twitter @starsystemz

Some quick tips for you:
-The plane circulation is very drying to your skin. I always bring chapstick, eye moisturizer, hand moisturizer, and face/neck moisturizer. Go into Sephora or any department store and ask for samples. Most of the time they are travel sized and will fit beautifully in your carry on!

-DO NOT expect the airport or plane snacks to be healthy, they rarely ever are even when they provide you with nuts most of the time they are salted and roasted. I brought some fruit, lara bars (vegan) and raw vegetable sticks. This kept me munching and away from the fun snacks the airline provided.

3. Drink TONS of water!
-This will keep you hydrated and healthy. Being on a plane with a ton of germs and other diseases without any ventilation is not good for your health. The least you can do is stay hydrated. Alcohol looks nice on a flight but unless you really need it, alcohol will just dry you out. Drink water and see how you feel after that!

-Showing up to the airport in your pajamas is so not cool. I am so over seeing girls look like slobs its not cute. I'm not saying to wear your tightest dress and highest heels just jeans and a nice t-shirt will do just fine. I promise you, people will treat you with respect and who knows who you might meet!

Jeans, cute tank, blazer and comfy wedges

I hope everyone enjoyed an amazing Easter and had lots of chocolate!

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