Friday, April 27, 2012


Time to get FABULOUS! Sorry to keep talking about this but its a BIG deal to in 8 days!!

Went out last night and stuck to my NEW cleanse! One glass of Malbec Red Wine and a Vegan Meal! Thank you Bar Esquina for making it possible for me to eat an amazing healthy meal :) I ordered a pear, pistachio, arugula with cherry tomato salad. The dressing was an amazing vinegar reduction that I ordered on the side of course, no dairy was in the dressing so I was able to eat it!

Me with my girl Crissty Santana our for her birthday! The theme was GRAFFITI NEON so we had fun rocking our colors! 

Fabulous Friday is all about ways to be fabulous using natural products! Today I wanted to talk a bit about acne. I have been talking with people a ton about how they have such gorgeous porcelain skin and most of the time, unless you are extremely lucky and I envy you, they say I used to have ACNE like you could NOT believe! I than of course ask...How did you change that? Most of the time they say, I figured out I had an allergy! AN ALLERGY! Something as simple as eliminating a chemical or food and they have gorgeous skin! Allergies can also be an allergic reaction to chemicals in your makeup, sunscreen, facial creams even shampoos, conditioners and hair products. You really got to do some kind of elimination of one thing at a time and see what happens.

The best thing to do is an elimination diet. An elimination diet is eating the same as you always do but cutting out all dairy products (for example) for three months and seeing what happens. I say three months, because it takes some time for your body to get rid of all the past dairy. It can be difficult for those dairy addicts but its worth the gorgeous skin you may receive and cheaper than any laser treatment you could ever come across! Than come back start slowly eating dairy and see what happens. If your skin does not clear up move on to something else like something from the list below.

Dairy is not the only one there are also several others:

-Chemicals like food colorings
-The list goes on...check out for more information

I used dairy because I am allergic and get severe acne explosions, if I come across it and I am pretty good at knowing if there is butter on any of my food at restaurants!

Your body is your best friend! I swear to you, it talks to you, you just have to LISTEN!  Your body sends signals when it has a hard time digesting something, it sends you signals if it is allergic to something just take the time to listen and you will be much happier in life! Allergies go beyond into why you may have a hard time losing weight? You could be consuming those amazing eggs that are so healthy but could be severely allergic to them! 

I recommend getting an allergy test every 5-10 years. This is important because your body changes as you get older. Some people get adult acne or adult allergies!

Enjoy your weekends and Shine like Stars :)

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