Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am loving this culture! Tons of vegetables with spices! You can't go wrong with spices and vegetables! I have been loading up on my veggies and I can tell you its not very hard out here to get my 5 recommended servings of vegetables and fruits! With all that I am walking, I know I will look perfect for my wedding day!

My handsome hubby and I at Cafe Grey at the JW Marriott! My hubby got me my first Herve Leger dress which I had wanted for FOREVER! I just wanted to reach my goal weight and body fat percentage before I got it!

A delicious Iced Tea with mint leaves and spiced with ginger! I love the Asian culture, you rarely need sugar with all the flavors from spices!

Gorgeous lunch at the W pool! Cajun spiced grilled chicken with spring greens and sliced carrots! They look like huge bacon strips but an organic carrot! Dressing was a olive oiled balsamic vinaigrette! I always get my dressing on the side just in case! I like to control my food not let it control me.

Instead of a welcome cocktail, I had some green Jasmine tea to give me a bit of a boost around my 4 PM slow down!

My gorgeous new dress! Reward yourself with clothes not food or dessert! If you completed your goals go and grab yourself some new shoes or clothes! Way better than a piece of cake I promise :)

Headed down to a gorgeous Chinese dinner :)

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