Friday, April 20, 2012


Sesame Oil? Vitamin E Oil? What is with all the oils!?!

Fabulous Friday is all about the oils today!


I have been using Sesame Oil in my mouth! 
I have been taking a tablespoon of this nutty tasting oil and swishing it around in my mouth and through my teeth every morning before I brush my teeth.
What it is supposed to do is latch on to all the germs, tartar, bacterias and toxins and removes them when I spit it all out. Because of this technique, your teeth will become whiter, gums pinker, cleaner teeth and protects the immune system!
The best part is, ITS WORKING and way cheaper than Crest White Strips! My teeth are really starting to look better and I really like the taste and the way it feels in my mouth (is this just me?)

*Tip: Spit it out in the toilet as I have been doing it in my sink and its starting to hold onto dirt more because of the oil

The only thing is, you must swish for 20 minutes! It takes forever, but I promise you the benefits are WELL worth it! I started this technique because of an article I read online at This technique was practiced in India as part of the Ayurvedic technique. I really enjoy doing this every morning and I am loving my teeth more and more everyday! I head to the dentist on Thursday and I will see what my new dentist says! I also really like this technique because Crest White Strips and other products as such contain SO many chemicals such as aluminum which can't be good for you!

After about 1 month of Oil Pulling


My skin has been so dry and I have so many FABULOUS bug bite scars since I guess I scratch at night! I started wearing socks on my hands which has helped tremendously! The other product that has helped my scars is Vitamin E Oil. I got my bottle at Trader Joe's and I really love it because I am starting to see a big difference. You can also purchase Vitamin E in capsule form and from what I have heard its much cheaper! You just need to poke the capsule with some kind of sterile needle.

My goal is to get rid of these "beautiful" scars ASAP since I am getting married in 15 days and who wants to see a bride with red scars all over! I put the Vitamin E oil on with a cotton swab randomly all day. According to, it takes about 2 months for the scars to really fade. I have been practicing this technique for about 1.5 months and already see results so hopefully in the next few weeks they are totally gone!

Have you tried either of these oils? Let me know what you think and comment below!

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