Monday, April 30, 2012


Have you ever drove yourself crazy trying to be perfection and get everything around you to be just PERFECT? Well I have and it has torn holes in me, and almost always been a downfall. So why do we do it? Not really sure..neither am I? All I know, is that we should start striving for progress

How AMAZING does it feel to look back and see how far you have come on a goal or project? I know I feel so good that I have finished my wedding! It may not turn out to be PERFECT but hey at least I was able to get it pulled together right? (Thankful for my wedding planner) haha*

I can't wait to post pictures of an event that has not even happened! Its going to feel so good to have all that work completed and pictured forever! I am so excited :)

This weekend my LOVE and I just relaxed because we are mentally and physically preparing for this week. I had an advantage because I could just focus on getting the final details taken care of and finish off my cleanse! My cleanse went wonderful :) I am so proud of myself! PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION :)

QUESTION: What stops you from progressing on a project, goal, work, school or fitness?

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