Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here are some more pictures of my fun trip to Hong Kong :)

Really fun night market. This place reminded me of Downtown LA Fashion District but instead of Holly Dogs they had Spicy Crab.

Traditional start to a Chinese Meal, peanuts and spicy cucumbers. I couldn't help myself and indulged in some salty roasted peanuts but made sure to keep those cucumbers near by to curb my hunger before dinner arrived.

Fried rice, vegetables and cashew beef. I focused mostly on the vegetables, had a taste of the fried rice and had a few pieces of beef. Its ok to indulge! I just made sure to fill up on those veggies which were deliciously spiced with garlic!

Had a great time checking out the gyms around Hong Kong. Here are my feet at California Fit Club! I enjoyed there various machines, more later on this adventure.

I needed help on deciding what to eat for lunch yesterday! Thanks for all of your responses! 

Star Systemz Skinny Star Tip: ALWAYS ask! A la Carte will work out the best. All of those choices were very unhealthy. If I had to I would have gone with the burger, no cheese, no bun and vegetables as the side dish besides fries. Never fret, Always ask! Remember you are at a restaurant and they are there to service you. See whats on the menu and see how you can use the same ingredients but mixed in a heather version.

My hubby and I enjoying the views from a night bar. I enjoyed some tea as I had already indulged in two glasses of wine, Peking duck and sauteed veggies :) I wish I could show you all pictures but we were at a very exclusive club, The China Club Restaurant, where photos were not aloud! But hopefully I will have more to show you as time passes!

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