Saturday, March 31, 2012


I pull out my Skinny Star tricks all the time when dining out! Right now I am preparing for my wedding day, May 5th which is right around the corner and of course I want to be in tip-top shape! Last night I went out to Edith's in Cabo San Lucas, MX with my fiancé and our friend and it was delicious! The atmosphere there is unbelievable with live music, gorgeous decor and top of the notch service.

A fun video of my fiancé and our friends dessert and not going to lie I took a bite :)

*This was my very first video so don't judge me haha :)

Some quick Skinny Star tricks when dining out:
-1 glass of wine at dinner, 1 glass of wine after (or other drinks work as well, I am just a wino)
-Turn that one glass into 2 with a trick I like to call "The Skinny Sparkler"
-Tea for dessert (freshens breathe and helps you feel even more full)
-If I have to one bite of each persons dessert, savor all the flavors.
"Skinny Sparkler"
1 Glass of Red Malbec Wine (my favorite, any will do)
Sparkling Water
Squeeze of Bar Sized Lime

-Delicious yummy and will last you the entire dinner

The best thing is have FUN! Always enjoy yourself! There is no need to NOT drink because you are trying to lose weight its called not downing 50 margaritas! A HUGE difference! 100-150 calories is not I repeat is NOT going to make you fat the next day. The point of going out is to enjoy yourself so do it!

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