Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What kind of training do you do? What works best for you? Are you a split trainer, all cardio, magazine opener workout picker, class taker...are you seeing results?

The best fitness is FUN fitness. If you are not enjoying your fitness routine or excited to get through a workout, than what is fitness to you. You can enjoy it! I promise! If you are currently dreading it, you need to take a look into something else!

One thing to realize is that just because your girlfriend is seeing results from running a few miles everyday does not mean you will too unless you love running as well. You can run every single day and short cut yourself due to the fact that eventually you will not run as hard, as fast and as strong as you should simply because you hate to do it. In time you will see no results and a poor attitude from yourself.

Look inside of you and think to yourself what do I love to do?

Some love to dance! So why not take a hip-hop class, Zumba, ballet barre, pilates, burlesque, pole dancing or just simply join a dance studio and try all kinds of classes. If you are not to sure about your moves join an actual dance studio or try out Xbox kinect and those fun dance games!

Do you like gymnastics? Join a gymnastics studio, cross-fit, mixed martial arts or pole dancing.

Do you enjoy beating someone up or have a ton of stress at work or home? Do you ever just feel the need to hit someone? Make it apart of your fitness routine and try out tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, karate, boxing, kickboxing, kung-fu, the list is endless.

Love exploring new areas? Get into hiking, biking, rock climbing, surfing, scuba diving all activities that are fun and active. If you travel a lot this can be great because you get the chance to appreciate the nature of an area while sweating up a storm and burning calories!

 Enjoy being in the water? Surfing, SUP, scuba diving, rowing, paddle boarding, swimming in the pool! Just get in that water and go for it! Tons of these activities are used by celebrities including Cameron Diaz who used surfing as a way to get ready for the Charlie's Angels movies. The water is also calming and you can get yourself a nice tan as well! Do not forget your sun screen though :)

You have to look into yourself or just try new things to find what you love to do. I love to dance so taking a ballet or hip-hop class really gets me going and burns TONS of calories! Time to explore YOU and find what you love doing! There are so many more options these are just a few popular ones that people tend to use. Enjoy your routine, say to yourself "I love working out and taking care of my body by eating healthy" instead of "I have to eat this nasty salad and go running after a long day at work" Results come from fun and happiness! Ensure your happiness and try out new health foods and NEW activities!

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