Monday, March 19, 2012


What choices are you making today to improve your overall health? Are you adding some veggies to your everyday smoothie? Are you cutting back on alcohol, soda and sugars? Are you regularly stretching before a workout? There are SO many things you can add to your routine or rid off to make the world of difference for your future health conditions. 

Tanning Bed 2x a Day: Senior Year '07
I used to be a tanaholic..literally! I would lay in the tanning bed before school and right before cheer practice so that makes about 2 times a day, 5 days a week. I looked fabulous, if I do say so myself! My issue here is I am Irish, I have pale pink toned skin and I burn VERY easily. So by doing this I encountered some terrible problems when I hit 21. I had some scary moles on my back which had to be removed and according to the dermatologist they were pre cancer. That's right pre-canerous moles. I look back and ask myself why I did this to myself. I was the youngest person this doctor had ever seen have this issue. I cried, I could not believe it. The worst thing was is I knew what I was doing was harmful to my health, I just didn't care. I am paying for it miserably now as my facial skin is more matured due to the fact I burned it every other week and I have some lovely scars on my back. This is how I got into spray tanning by the way :)

After: Just Spray Tanned
I have not entered a tanning bed in over two years and maybe have sun worshipped a bit but nothing dramatic. I rely on spray tanning and from what I see in pictures it makes me have that amazing glow without the burning! Looking tan with just my spray tan on :) That is my handsome very soon to be husband!!

Make changes or find alternatives to what is harmful to your health! Trust me I love being tanned so I found an alternative. I would never to say to you NEVER there is always another way that is a healthier option! Feel free to ask me questions I am all about finding another option for that "unbreakable" unhealthy habit. There is ALWAYS a way to break it!

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