Friday, March 9, 2012


Today is a different kind of fabulous friday! Other than teaching you about natural beauty remedies, I am going to teach you about a tool you already have!

We all own it, we all show it in pictures but what about when you are just walking around, driving, shopping, socializing..? Do you show it than? A smile is literally an expression that can change the mood of EVERYONE around you and can change the mood of even yourself! 

The other day I was driving around and I felt sad and bored. I didn't drive to the nearest gas station to pick up candy or stop at my favorite store to pick something up, I just smiled :) My mood instantly changed and I felt an amazing warm feeling. Never underestimate the power of your smile!

No matter what is going on a smile can change a situation. I smile wherever I go and I swear it has brought much more joy and happiness into my life. Yesterday I was driving around lost with my girlfriend and because we were both so happy and smily a lady asked us if we were lost and helped us get around! Another instance I was walking around lost in a town that I barely know the language let alone where I am. A lady stopped me and asked me what I was looking for and showed me the way to get where I needed. People tend to soften up towards those who are happy. If you walk around mad or at least look mad people will avoid you! Who wants to be avoided!? 

From now on when you feel yourself getting tired, lazy, sad, mad or stressed just take a look in the mirror and smile! Smile as big as you can and I promise you will feel an amazing power go throughout your body and your whole situation and day will change!

So go ahead smile! Say hello to people and help those who are around you! Your life will become a happier and more positive place!

Have a star studded weekend!

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