Monday, March 12, 2012

Motivational Monday

Last week I talked a little bit about finding the FUN in your fitness routine! I meet so many people who mention they have no fun when it comes to fitness so they lose interest quickly and the program yet again FAILS. So why have you not tried out that new Zumba class? Why have you avoided or made excuses not to try out that kickboxing class? You know how much you love to dance and you have always dreamed of knowing how to kick someones booty but why the excuses?

It comes down to a big word that so many of us live in daily FEAR! Fear defeats YOU it even defeats ME! Yesterday I was so blessed to be asked by a friend to join her in a vision board workshop. It has always been in my nature to make these vision boards since I was young but this time I was forced to open myself up and actually decide what I WANT. If you are having trouble discovering yourself check out the beautiful soul Michelle DeBerge, who specializes in opening the true YOU! Check her out at 

Many of us bury ourselves in other people but what about YOU. It than comes down to the fear of doing YOU, and the doubt in yourself. Confidence and courage STOMPS on fear! Courage and confidence defeats FEAR! So put on your dancing shoes or your boxing gloves and get into that class. Now I know you may not be the best dancer or you have no clue how to throw a punch and thats probably why you have avoided the class. You walk by the class and watch what seems like everyone following the teacher with the perfect moves and all in tune. But what you may not realize is that they were just like you at one time and didn't know the choregraphy or the moves, but they had the courage and the desire to just go in and try it out! Ask anyone in the class and they will say to you they had the fear of not knowing but checked it out and now feel amazing and love the class :) Most teachers, teach because they love to inspire and motivate others to love and feel that same passion for that activity. Find the teacher that inspires you most and I guarantee after the class they would love to help you out! So get in the class, try out that studio you drive by daily and get moving!

Create a goal for yourself this week to try out that class or go in that studio you have been dying to try! It may become your new favorite and you may meet some new friends! Who knows, just give yourself a chance and a confidence boost and stomp on FEAR!

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