Friday, March 30, 2012


Aloe Vera rocks! It is the ultimate beauty secret and so easy to grow and find! We all know if helps heal a sunburn but did you know it can help your hair grow, beautify your skin, anti-age you and its just all around an amazing plant. Aloe Vera also can help your digestive system, sustain blood sugars, help your joints out and clean out your ulcers. Of course is best in pure form, grown by yourself but there is also bottled versions at health food stores and even walmart. 

Some quick facts about this beautiful plant:
-An Anti-inflammatory and it has an ability to absorb nutrients in the digestive system.
-Strengthens and improves immune system because of the essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals it    contains
-45% reduction of blood sugar levels for diabetics proven by
-It is also said that aloe vera can help repaid elastin and collagen in the skin and joints.

The thing is there is one problem, you have to grow it yourself to get the FULL benefits. Sure you can take a supplement but what better way to test out your green thumb than growing your own beauty secret! If all else fails you can always just purchase a plant at Home Depot, this is much easier for those of you who don't have a green thumb like myself :)

Just be sure to get one that has matured a bit as the youthful Aloe Vera's may only have first aid properties. You really want one that has a ton of leaves because once you cut the leaf off it will not grow back. 

How to Cut off A leaf:
-Cut Away with a Sharp Knife
-Trim thorny edges and slice across its width
-The inner gooey gel is the good stuff!
-Keep reaching for more gel by scratching the surface with a clean knife to rupture more cells with more juices.

Enjoy your Aloe Vera :)

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