Thursday, March 29, 2012


Shaking up my mornings lately and I would like to share with you all an amazing beautifying skinny star recipe!
I have been using my Ninja to whip up some magic in the kitchen and let me tell you it is so worth it! I am already seeing results and the feeling I have is amazing :) Food that has been ground up makes it easier for your body to digest so it can focus on the other stuff thats been left behind from previous meals. The biggest mistake people make when making smoothies is that they put so much fruit and unnecessary calories with syrups and all that other fun stuff. Yes, it makes it taste good but you can easily make a 500 calorie smoothies with all that stuff. Trust me, its better to put a ton of vegetables and use your spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, peppermint, and cacao powder to put that flavor punch in your smoothie. These spices and flavorings are low calorie, taste amazing and have health benefits as well. 

The trick to making an amazing smoothie and not be to lazy too is preparing your ingredients early. I wash all my veggies with my Dr. Oz spray ( than I put all my ingredients near each other in the fridge and while I am chopping up my dinner vegetables I chop up my morning ones as well so they are ready in the morning. Last night I decided not to so I could show you :)

Place liquids in than protein powder than the spinach. Turn blender on. Turn off and put the rest of the ingredients inside. I do this so the spinach gets mashed first so I don't get chunks later!

Hope you enjoy 

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