Friday, March 23, 2012


 We all have a cabinet full of beauty products but did you ever think that what foods you are consuming promote beauty and can actually do more for you than that expensive face cream. When I entered high school, I always had acne and looking back it was most likely because all I consumed was Del Taco, McDonalds, and greasy pizza. Your skin is your largest organ and will tell you how your insides are doing if you just pay attention. Of course I was breaking out, I am allergic to cheese and the amount of grease and chemicals I was consuming was disgusting. Now I eat a clean, dairy free diet and my skin is clear and clean :)

Here are some foods you should add to your diet to create a healthier skin tone and get rid of that acne!

Avocados- Contain the fats essential for cell rejuvenation which is essential for the building blocks of new skin
Grape Seed Oil-Contains oligomeric procyanidine which improves skins elasticity 
*Add some grape seed oil to your vegetables, the great thing about grape seed oil is it doesn't smoke when cooked on high heat.
Millet-Highly nutritious seed which contains silica which is amazing for hair, skin and nails
*Cook millet and put some olive oil in there into a blender makes a great stuffing for peppers!
Apricots-Rich in phytochemicals and contain folate, calcium, vitamins a & c, iron and potassium which provide the vitamins to promote collagen
*Snack on them or add chopped apricots to give your salad a healthy boost

Brazil Nuts- Helps promote skin moisture and prevents sun damage
*Eat 3 (100 calories)  a day to promote skin moisture, eat as a snack
Cucumbers- Contain tons of Vitamin C and manganese necessary for increasing collagen production
*Add some to your sandwiches, salads, dip in hummus for a snack
Add these items to your grocery list and start seeing results as soon as 4 weeks! So much cheaper than those facial creams and a great way to add stuff to your salads and snacks!

Enjoy your weekend and have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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