Thursday, March 22, 2012


I understand this may be hard to read, but I promise you it is most valuable :) So many people eat the right foods but what they are not understanding is that just because you are loving your new favorite quinoa recipe or that amazing cous cous you are still consuming calories. If you are watching your intake you must know how many calories you are eating. A calorie is a calorie but for a healthy individual it is not just about watching calories its about providing your body with nutritious foods. For instance, last week I provided my Star Systemz followers a chart that describes how many nuts is equivalent to 100 calories. So many of you were just eating almonds like they were going out of style and forgetting that just because you are eating a raw healthy food you are still consuming calories and that is why you are not losing weight! You don't need to be a crazy person counting each and every almond you consume just grasp the idea that almonds are not your new popcorn. Learn to love healthy foods but remember to have an idea of portion size and portion control. This is the way to a healthy well-being and the best body you could ever have :)

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