Thursday, May 31, 2012


 She tried it, tested it and LOVED IT!

PEPITA DESIGNS to pick up your one of a kind outfit :)

Enjoying the beautiful weather in Cabo today! 

Those are coconut chunks! So much more flavorful and a total treat at the end :)

Mint leaves are so magical when you put them and let them sit for a bit!

As part of my health transformation I went to Transformative Wellness for an acupuncture treatment and to figure out what is going on inside of me from a Chinese Medicine perspective!


From just ONE visit I am a whole new person and let me tell you she just did the cupping part in the beginning and I almost felt like I was going to throw up..(sorry for the imagery)...

This is because my bottom tail bone area is so crammed and that is also why I have been having those lower back pains randomly! 

She did some acupuncture in those areas and I was such a baby but got through it and three days later I feel MUCH more ALIVE and energetic!

We also went through my diet and let me tell you I was AWAKENED! I thought I knew it all but I guess there is always something more to learn....

I have been trying to pinpoint why I was starting to get bloated and it was that Whey Protein I am so obsessed with....that's right....Whey Protein! I started researching it more and many others have been in the same situation so now it's hemp proteins, almond milk and kefir from now on...

I already feel better!

More on this next week....

If you are in the Los Cabos area check out Dr. Natasha at TRANSFORMATIVE WELLNESS

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