Sunday, May 13, 2012


Spray Tanning rocks! I do it about once a week and you would think I lay out all the time but really I am a total indoor, sunscreen layering junkie ;)

Here are a list of products you should avoid when planning on your next spray tan and products to avoid to make your spray tan last the longest

This is a list of commonly used body care products that can have a detrimental effect on a spray tan. This is not all-inclusive. Not everyone will have a problem with these items. This is only a guide.

 The following products can lighten or make a sunless tan blotchy:

-AHA products
-Anti-acne products  
-Anti-aging products that "renew" "refresh" or otherwise exfoliate skin,
-BHA Products (Beta Hydroxy Acids-salicylic acid)
-Body hair bleach products will bleach the tan, non bleach skin lighteners are fine
-Dove soap, and Dove Shower gel, Curel lotions will fade a tan faster, on some people.
*BIG ONE: Everyone uses Dove I swear so grab something else next time you head to the market if you are an avid spray tannrer*
-Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin)- all will cause faster fading
-Shaving exfoliates skin, so fades tan
-Toners containing Alcohols or Witch Hazel in the top three ingredients listed can lighten tan
-Use of a loofa, scrub, mitt, etc. for daily washing. (Use a soft washcloth or "soft poof for daily use)

There are more listed on my website STAR SYSTEMZ

SHOUT OUT to all the Mommy's out there! Without you NONE of us would be here :)


I am so blessed to have this gorgeous lady as my Mom. She has been with me through EVERYTHING and I mean LITERALLY EVERYTHING! She pushed me to be a better person but showed me I could still enjoy my life and have fun at the same time. I would not be where and who I am today without her. She has listened to be whine and cry over the small and large things and stayed strong while I was growing up when it was just her and I. All the single mom's out there, I will tell you this YOU CAN DO IT! I promise! My mom proves it :)

BTW we are both spray tanned here ;)

For my Mother's Day I wanted a Shih Sunday! Shih Sunday means we take our dogs out to lunch with us and share some food with them. Do not worry it is all healthy stuff. I got chicken fajitas no shell and cooked in light oil while my hubby got steak fajitas. Next week I want to take them to the San Jose Farmer's Market so we can walk around more and they can have new scents!

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Best day ever! I love my family!

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