Monday, May 28, 2012


Anything is possible! I mean it!

Truth to that be told and for some it can be harder than others but just know that anything, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE if you put your mind to it!

Since this is a health, fitness, motivational type blog I will focus on that as my "main point" but it really can be APPLIED to ANYTHING in life (love, friends, work etc.)

Women most of the time are looking for a quick fix diet, a way to look EXTRA fit for memorial day weekend, birthdays, that next big trip but go home after all the fun/hardwork and gain it all back and then some (most of the time)

I am about to give you some tips that will transform the way you think about dieting and I promise you there are ways to lose weight without dieting...


it is called a LIFESTYLE CHANGE...

1. Picture self at goal weight, goal body features, goal self
2. Imagine what a person with that weight, body features does to have that type of body

  • What do they eat?
  • What do they do for a workout?
  • How many days a week do they workout?

3. Envision what YOU would eat, do for a workout

  • More Veggies? Lean meats?
  • Avoiding fried, fast, processed foods
  • Switching your sodas for water and teas
  • Hiking, gym, kickboxing, bootcamps...(endless)

4. Results may be slow yet life changing and FOREVER


Crazy concept but I promise you what you put out there will come to you!

I am NOT perfect...I like to enjoy a glass of wine (maybe two), I get lazy and all done up (showered, hair perfect, makeup like a doll) and really want to stay that way and not SWEAT working out, spend more time with my husband and I LOVE to go out to eat..

but one thing I realized is, I was surrounding myself with activities, people, situations that stopped me from being who I deep down inside TRULY am!

A workoutaholic, a healthy foodie, a motivator and of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn more! All the books I read happen to be information/educational books and I just got into Podcasts (Nutrition Diva's ROCK)

For me I went back to my finish LINE and said OK Court lets break it down....

Started cooking again :) YAY ME!
Trying new foods: smoked marlin, papaya, adding new veggies to my shakes, more sprouts and experimenting with more herbs (this week it was basil)

Went Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the VERY first time! 

Beach Hike :)

I started surrounding myself with like minded individuals and situations (going to the farmers market two times a week, cooking channel, blog reading, podcasts) that will help me go towards my goals..

I am NOT by any means stating that you should give up everything around you and become MISS FITNESS HEALTH NUT I am just saying go to your finish line and make those changes that will get you where you WANT to be!


-Join a fitness health club and find a workout class you want to try and keep trying until you find one that works for YOU and your SCHEDULE!
-Make friends in the class! Go out for coffee, take a hike, hit up the farmers market, meet at your house and make some new foods!
-Use PINTEREST, BLOGS, TWITTER etc and start following those who inspire you and let them inspire you!
-Read blogs and actually try those recipes you have wanted to try but are to lazy, busy etc. to do it
-Invite friends out for a hike, ski, surf, etc. there are tons of outdoor activities that don't cost a lot of money and you can make it a weekly activity
-Go to the store and pick up all of those odd vegetables (you have no idea what they are) and google what you think it may be, ask your grocer and try it! (who knows could be your new go to veggie)

These are just a few! GET CREATIVE, you can incorporate your new found lifestyle into your daily routine you just need to get creative and be MOTIVATED!

Where is your FINISH LINE? 

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