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KeVita ROCKS! Not only do the flavors like Coconut,Mango Coconut and Strawberry Acai Coconut taste like heaven these probiotic wonders are beneficial to your health and well being.
I have been reading about probiotics for some time and never quite understood what a probiotic was and why I needed to add such thing into my diet. I have then come to find through drinking KeVita that I have more energy and I just overall feel better after a meal. Why you may ask? Is this all in my head?

So What are Probiotics and Why do I need them?

Basically, probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines. It helps your digestive tract do things like digest food which is VERY important and from what some research says (although they are still researching), it can help prevent or treat ailments such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic inflammation (which by the way is the root cause of cancer, diabetes and heart disease). Plus it is always a good idea to have "good" bacteria roaming through your system when you are killing the "good" bacteria already provided by your body with alcohol and antibiotics.

Why KeVita? 

My experience with drinking KeVita on occasion is it has replaced my 4 PM low energy, need a nap now mode and with 4 strains of active cultures, I could not pass it up! O, and it tastes magical :)

According to
KeVita has 4 strains of active cultures that are clinically proven to support digestive health, maintain the immune system and KeVita delivers more active cultures than yogurt. KeVita is dairy, lactose, gluten and soy free and is handcrafted and cold-pressed in Ventura, CA.

For those of you like myself, that are dairy free this is an amazing way for you to get those probiotics that you have been missing from foods like yogurt. Also for you raw vegans, vegans, vegetarians or any lifestyle of the sort this will work with your needs. 

With Kefir and Kombucha available to me,why would I drink KeVita?

Kefir is amazing, I use it myself in smoothies because it tastes great and gives me those awesome probiotics. The only problem is kefir is milk-based so sometimes if I drink to much my stomach lets me know. KeVita is water based mostly coconut water so when you need some probiotics and dairy is not in the subject KeVita is a go to.

Kombucha is great as well. Although difficult for me to find out this way so since KeVita has entered my marketplace, KeVita it will be. Kombucha and KeVita both contain Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY), but with KeVita's base being water and Kombucha's cultures being grown in sweet tea. Either or I think both are a great choice!

Here are some of the flavors I have tried and enjoyed:

Tons of other flavors are offered like: Pomegranate Coconut, Lemon Ginger, and Living Greens but I am lucky enough to have these three lovely flavors to chose from at my local market since I do not have a Whole Foods nearby:

Mango Coconut
Reminds me of Orange Soda in a way with a tangy taste
If you are an avid Fanta drinker this may become your new drink!

Move over coconut water this is the new dealio!

My favorite by far: Strawberry Acai Coconut
Tastes like sweet candy to me! I love this one! I could drink 5 in a row if my stomach was large enough to handle that much liquid!

Check out KeVita: delicious vitality for more information on where to buy and more answers to questions you may have.

What type of products interest you in the world of health and beauty? Comment below and let me know :)

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