Thursday, May 10, 2012


You got it vegetables and fruit...the diet, miracle ladeladela you know its good for you but did you know those little stickers actually mean something? Did you know that those stickers you peel off have a secret code that will tell you if your eating something that man made with chemicals or sprayed down with chemicals?

The truth is the government must provide food for everyone and at a cost people can afford so what happens is chemicals, pesticides and god knows what else is used to meet these demands. The saddest part of this is that the people consuming these GMO (genetically modified organisms) are getting sicker and sicker by the day and new diseases are coming about. We are surrounded by this stuff and told we should be consuming fruits and vegetables in abundance and avoiding processed foods. But at the same time you are consuming processed foods because in my eyes GMO is processed.

You may think that organic food is more expensive and not in your budget and trust me, I understand, that is why I use Dr. Oz's spray on certain foods. We should all realize that buying organic produce may cost more but how much money will we save at the doctors office or even the hospital?

Here is a chart to memorize so the next time you head out to the store you know wusssupp! haha

No Sticker?

Here are three steps from Rose Lee Calabro you can use when shopping:

  • Farmer's Market
    • Farmers Market means nothing if you DO NOT ask QUESTIONS!
      • Ask:
        • Are there artificial fertilizers or pesticides?
        • Did you add compost and a natural mineral-rich amendment (over 90 minerals) to soil? 
          • If yes to the second question stock up!!
  • Supermarket
    • Appearance and Color?
      • Glow-Freshly Picked
      • Glossy-Stay Away
      • Perfect Shape-Stay Away
    • Smell
      • Does it smell fresh or does it smell chemically?
    • Touch
      • Does it feel greasy?-Stay Away

Let me know how you do! I did the farmers market one yesterday and found out everything passed the test so I stocked up :)

Have an amazing day!

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