Thursday, May 10, 2012


 My liver hates me right now (5 days of partying) so I have been extra gentle and eating my liver cleansing super foods and of course avoiding alcohol, processed foods and fatty foods as well as these foods are hard on the liver.

The research I have been doing for a huge project coming out in the next 3-4 months has taught me ALOT about the liver and how vital it is to the digestive process so taking care of your special little liver is very IMPORTANT! I mean it!

You can make this as a smoothie by adding some frozen berries or ice cubes but I have been blending it as a juice because I am working on adding juices to my diet instead of just smoothies all the time.

  • Coconut Water- hydrates, potassium and provides you with electrolytes lost during boozing!
  • Kefir (unsweetened)- puts back those good bacterias lost while drinking while providing you with a healthy source of protein and calcium
  • Berries- yummy antioxidants and excellent flavor agent! I love the taste of berries 
  • Celery- if you can believe it celery contains sodium which is lost while drinking as well so fill up on celery for a refreshing dose of vegetables and vitamins/minerals
  • Beet Root-the ultimate liver cleanser: beets thin the bile and enable it to flow easier through the liver and small intestine but do not eat to much as it can be overwhelming to the body
  • Chia Seeds-helps lock in the moisture from all these delicious ingredients, gives your some fiber, omega-3's and helps with inflammation (drinking is bloating as we all know)
  • Raw Honey- for taste and provides you with some natural sugars which will hand you a small dose of energy and can help with stomach aches and constipation
This is a great smoothie, or juice to drink for a few days after a crazy trip (vegas, river, ANYWHERE) with of course hot water and lemon right when you wake up!

Mine this morning! YUMMMYY!

I love this color in the morning its so beautiful! Filling my body up 1 juice at a time :)


Take care of your body and I promise it will take care of you :)

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