Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Gorgeous Thursday today and I had a very informative and fun-filled day! 

I would like to start you all off with an amazing treat for those upcoming SUMMER days! 

This  extraordinary drink is perfect for those days you just want to sit outside on the front porch and relax the afternoon away!

You could even quadruple the recipe and make a pitcher to share at a BBQ or picnic!

Today, like I mentioned above was a very informative and fun-filled day!

I went and got a reading because I am at a new point in my life where things can go in two VERY different directions! I was happy to know it will be going in the direction I was ROOTING for!

I always drive by....

and say to myself why don't I try one? I love Coconut Water what could be different?

The result..

Many people have told me the Coco Frios are bitter but I sucked mine right up! It was INSANELY delicious, refreshing, ahhh worthy!!

See, I could not even keep the straw out of my mouth to take a picture! It was that heavenly....

I stood for awhile enjoying my coco awesomeness and reflected on my reading and life in general...

What a beautiful life WE live :)

What is something you have always wanted to try, but never have?

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