Monday, May 21, 2012


Start making commitments to yourself!

We all make commitments to our friends, boyfriends, husbands, kids, jobs, and god knows what else but what about YOU!?!

I sit back and do the same. I get caught up in pleasing others, stop what I am doing for myself to do something more for my husband, my doggies, friends, family and I sit back and wonder what is missing sometimes. What is missing is ME! My love for music, working out, cooking, sprouting, reading learning and dancing! Putting others before yourself is ok sometimes, but is never ok if this is the life you lead!

Take charge of YOU first and the rest will follow....

I started journaling per advice of my good friend Michelle DeBerge! I used to journal when I was younger and a bit in my college years but it was more a complaint journal, not an actual "how am I feeling" and "how am I going to solve it?" type deal. Now, I actually write like a maniac (two-three times a day) whatever is on my mind in the morning and go back to it at night, read it and usually end up laughing! If I am not laughing at myself for being ridiculous, it must have been serious and I start to write ways I want to solve the problems.

This is a journal my Mom picked up for me from a vendor out here in Cabo.
In English it says, "If the winter is cold, I want to be close to you!"

I also like to keep track of my progress, workouts and my nutritional intake. I am one of those that does best writing everything down and when I stop I notice it in my body. Writing in a journal about my "lifestyle" helps me stay on track! It also helps that my workout bible, as I call it, has many motivational phrases on the front :)

For those of you who are having a hard time with eating and working out a journal could be your answer. You could always start with my FREE FOOD CONSUMPTION RECORD (click the link for it) or just start writing your food intake and workouts down. 

Writing everything and I mean EVERYTHING (water intake included) you can start to see your patterns and see what is actually going down and why you have not reached your goals.

My awesome Workout Bible

Who saw the eclipse yesterday? 
It was very miraculous and made me want to push myself even further. 

Pretty fireworks from Friday! Life is so beautiful, it is time to celebrate it :)

Me as a cartoon!

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