Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Go out and buy yourself a jump rope! It is seriously the best investment, super cheap and can go with you anywhere and everywhere. When clients mention to me that weights are to heavy to travel with I laugh because I know that options such as a jump rope and resistance bands take 0 room in your suitcase and weigh far less than a pound! 

A trick is to go to your local medical supply store and buy thera bands. Thera bands at these stores are much cheaper and you can have the worker cut the band as long or as short as you want.

Just completed this baby right after my trip to the farmers market! I got two of my girlfriends to join me today and we had a blast. It is awesome when you can have girls time and be doing something healthy instead of going out for drinks. I love doing other activities and it is always way more fun as you can actually hear each other and you are not blasted lol

Look at those delicious muffins and cookies!

The "good" stuff! I picked up some brownies for my hubby but none for me!

Herbs and greenery!

The colors of the tomatoes are so brilliant, I bought a bunch! Fennel and other root veggies!

More greens! Half the time I have no idea what I am buying but its green so I am golden :)

Mixed greens with flowers! Who would have thought you can eat flowers but you can and I got some!

Rainbow carrots! I love these!

Herb plants! I may pick one up next time but my goal is to get really good at sprouting my alfalfa seeds first!

Have you checked out your local farmers market? 
What other activities do you like to do with your friends besides going out to clubs, bars or restaurants?

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