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I met Rachel Marie on the crazy night of HALLOWEEN and her and I became instant friends! Rachel and  I share the same interests in food, wine and fashion. She is a health nut as well :) Besides her being the sweetest girl ever and her and I being friends she is an all around cool chick! But what made me so inspired and interested in her and why I am sharing her with you all is she is SO CREATIVE! I mean artistically creative. She can take scrap leather and make beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelet, the likes! I was shocked when she showed me the pieces she started with and what she was able to create with these scraps! Thats using your imagination!

Here is an interview I did with her over email since I know if we would have done it in person we would have written a book :)

How did the name Hunt.r come about? 

It is actually a sort of funny story. I was in Canada visiting my family when I decided it was finally time to give my jewelry line an identity. I had been brainstorming with my sister Rebecca all week, but nothing we came up with seemed to work. The last night I was in town I was having dinner at my dads with my siblings and a few close friends. We got talking about possible names for the jewelry and my one friend Chelsea had an idea. She decided that we should all write a letter on a piece of paper and throw it in a pile, and then whatever word the letters made up would be the new name of my jewelry line. Honestly I didn't think it would work at the time.. but we all did it anyways. I ended up with a pretty hilarious pile of letters. I can't remember them all now.. but there was only one vowel, the U. We ended up throwing away a few letters in the process, but Chelsea's idea ended up working, we came up with the name Hunt.r. The company logo is an actual picture of the letters all scatters on my dad's kitchen table!

Tell me about your jewelry (what made you want to use up cycled materials etc.)
I started making the jewelry when I was living in Vancouver. I was taking a fashion merchandising and marketing diploma there so I was surrounded by fashion every day. Through the course I found that my love for fashion didn't run quite as deep as had once thought it did. I couldn't help but see the extreme waste that the fashion industry causes on all levels, so when I started experimenting with materials and ideas I tried to keep all of them as eco conscious as I could. The jewelry I make is made of up cycled and donated leather that I get from various different sources. I enjoy knowing I am making something new and unique out of what some people might consider useless or waste. 

Where did you learn to make jewelry?
I basically taught myself. I started making jewelry for myself and my friends about a year ago. Then as I learnt more I started selling pieces here and there.  Over the past year of creating I have learned a lot about manipulating fabrics and new techniques that make the process much more efficient. 

Did you make jewelry as a child?
I loved to make those multicolored string bracelets as a kid. I have always been crafty.. so through the years I have learned to make things that I want to wear.

What inspires you?
I am constantly inspired by life itself. History, culture and our surroundings play so much into who we are and the way we see the world. I love seeing how each person has a different perspective on what looks good and which items should go together in an outfit. The unique differences in the world are what I enjoy focusing on. 

Where can I buy these pieces?
You can buy them directly from me through the Hunt.r FACEBOOK page or from the boutique Pepita's located in the Palmilla shops.

Do you do custom orders?
I do take custom orders. I have limited materials so the colors and fabrics are always changing. If you have something in mind that you would like let me know and we can work together to make it happen. I love a new challenge! 

Contact info:
Facebook Page: Hunt.r

I personally love the earrings! They are so light weight and so beautiful I get compliments on them all day and forget I had them in because of how light they are! I also love that she makes the items out of material that would normally be thrown away! Sometimes all it takes is a second look and a creative mind like Rachel's and you have an amazing label!

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