Thursday, May 17, 2012


I love rocking out to music when I workout and even on those days when I feel low energy or I am in a bad mood!

A playlist can get you into a planned workout because you can decide for lets say Adele-"Rumor Has It" I will do crunches varied until the song ends and after that Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back" I will do lunges. It is an easy way to not be sitting counting reps bored out of your mind and keep you singing and in a FANTASTIC mood :)

Here is a rocking list of music to check out and add to your current playlist or just take this whole playlist altogether:

Playlist #1

-"Rumor Has It"-Adele
-"Who Run The World (Girls)"-Beyonce
-"Paris"-David Guetta
-"Look At Me Now"-Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes
-"Sweat"-Snoop Doog
-"Ghost N Stuff"-Deadmau5
-"Sunshine"-David Guetta, Avicii
-"Paradise"-Coldplay Remix
-"Starships"-Nicki Minaj
-"DreamWorld"-Robin Thicke

Comment and let me know your favorite songs to workout too?

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