Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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Tips for Shoes:

  • Make sure your shoes fit you correctly, so you can prevent running injuries and run comfortably. 
  • Check out the MIDSOLE, if mostly gray, or dual-density foam, near the arch the more stable the shoe is
  • Make sure you have about half an inch of wiggle room between the end of the shoe and your longest toe.
  • Check to see if the outsole is carbon or blown rubber, blown rubber is softer and lighter for more flexibility and less weight in your stride while carbon rubber provides more traction
  • Shop for workout shoes at the end of the day when feet are semi-swollen since your feet swell up when running
  • If you supinate, meaning when walking your feet tend to roll out, you need a shoe with extra cushioning to absorb impact
  • If you overpronate, meaning your feet tend to roll inward, you need a shoe with midsole cushioning and stability control
  • If you are a neutral runner, meaning your feet don’t roll outward (underpronate) or inward when running (overpronate), you can select pretty much any shoe

My Favorite Running Shoes:
New Balance 1010 ($110.00)
Great for cross training because of its webbing which provides a structured support when training!
Asics Gel 1150 ($74.50)
Rated by Runner’s World as the softest running shoe on the market and provides amazing support for your feet and joints
Nike Airmax Trainer One ($85.00)
Great for all around gym use.
Salomon SpeedCross 2 ($120)
Great for those of you who love running outdoors and hiking on trails. These shoes are 8.6 oz so extremely light but still keep the foot very stable!
*A great place to pick up name brand workout shoes is NORDSTROM RACK! Or you can head to your local footlocker and try on the shoe to get your size and google it to find the best prices!
NO MORE EXCUSES! Get that body you have ALWAYS wanted and look cute doing it :)

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