Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After my workout Monday! Felt SO good, had to show off my progress! My girlfriend Michelle brewed up some Hymica tea so I refueled with that! It tasted like a tropical fruit punch I almost drank the whole pitcher! 

Some eats at the Ritz Carlton
Tip: Order off the Kids Menu if you are unsure of ingredients! I got the "Little Mermaid" kids meal with an extra side of vegetables and a glass of Malbec Wine

Tip: Veggie Burgers are usually lower in calories. Add grilled veggies on top instead of cheese and salsa instead of ketchup and you have yourself a double wammy of vegetables!

During my honeymoon, I made sure to make use of all the fitnss equipment I was given. I took bike rides around the property, did some pilates, did some Star Systemz no equipment workouts, and of course resistance trained.

I also took up some Zumba classes for a different kind of cardio! Plus I have been so tight from all my weight training! My girlfriend invited me so I decided it would be a fun way to hang out and get our groove on....

Our instructor Noralys is AMAZING! She really knows how to move it and I am inspired to get my hips shaking like her :)

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