Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Being in Playa this week, I had to pick up a new recipe or two for my SKINNY STAR SERIES...

My husband and I decided to go try out a Margarita Night at our Resort (Rosewood Mayacoba)

The setup was ready for us to TAKE OVER!

My husband and I posing! Just like when we met although I was not dressed in one of Pepita's fashions more like a black skirt, black tank and knee high boots ;)

My infusion was "pussy"styled! My tequila was infused with strawberries, lime and cinnamon sticks

Here I go...doing what I do best..

My husbands infusion...Habanero's and Onions

Many mixture choices: Strawberry Juice, Orange Juice, Hibiscus Juice and  Tomato Juice

Always stick with Lime Juice or Fresh Orange Juice 
*Lime is Usually the low cal choice*

My handsome hubby shaking away his SPICY masterpiece

My infusion: Strawberries, Cinnamon Sticks and Lime

I enjoyed some grilled veggies because I had pretty much drank my calories at this point but was still hungry :)

We ate at a wonderful Argentinean cage called Sur out here in Playa Del Carmen

If you could infuse white tequila with ANYTHING, what would it be?

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