Saturday, June 9, 2012


A supportive environment can be the one surrounding you that is making you FAIL at living your new healthy lifestyle you are working on!

You have kids who refuse to eat that "green stuff"or a partner who is obsessed with junk food and sees nothing wrong with eating it (and is skinny WTH). These could be the reasons you are having such a difficult time because as we have been told "what and who you surround yourself with becomes YOU"

You have constantly told this home, work, social environment that you are working on a healthier you but that support is LACKING and seriously un-motivating.

It is time to learn how to change that because this one problem could be the solution if you just know how to CONQUER!

Here are some Star Systemz tips on getting that healthy environment you so desperately need (desire):

1. Use TECHNOLOGY (smart phones, internet, social networking)
-There are so apps for your smart phones that can help you out during these harsh times. Most are even free and can be pulled out when you need that motivation or push to get you through that tough moment!
-Apps I suggest:

  • Goal Achiever- $4.99 but worth every penny. This app lets you put in your goals and helps remind you of what they are at all times.
  • Instagram- Follow fitness motivators (@star_systemz (mine), @healthyfood, @fit4aprincess) There are tons more out there but the point of the matter is when you see someone conquering a workout or eating a healthy meal that looks so yummy it can be hard to put your mind anywhere else but following the same!
  • Twitter- Follow those who motivate you in life, people who inspire you! (@Womenshealthmag, @FitMenu, @MizFitOnline)
  • Fitness Buddy- great workout builder with 1700 unique exercises you can not go wrong at the gym or even in your home when working out! Don't let the "I can't afford a gym membership" or "The gym just looks scary" stop you from being fit and healthy!
-Youtube is also an amazing website that can help you develop workout routines in a snap! Find a fitness personality you enjoy and subscribe to there channel and keep up with them!

2. Divide the refrigerator, cupboards and drawers
-Make areas in your kitchen just for YOU! This area should ONLY have foods that you know you should be consuming (fresh veggies, fruits, raw nuts, edamame etc...)
-Putting your frozen organic vegetables next door to those little microwaveable corn dogs can be tempting so placing your foods in your own area will help you make the best choices when snacking or preparing a meal for yourself

3. Let it BE!
-Trying to convince your family or environment areas to eat healthy can just make it even more difficult on yourself, people love to point out that you are on a diet so YOU can't have this or THAT! Or even worse "just have ONE" "ONE" won't change ANYTHING"...or even those who argue with you about losing weight or skipping your favorite desserts! 
-The best way is to sit back and do YOU and let the others watch you transform before their eyes!
-Most people follow others examples without force so just do YOU and watch your family start downing vegetables! (or at least those delicious KALE CHIPS :)

4. Have food already made up
-I am HUGE into preparing! It makes life SO much easier when you can just open the fridge and have a meal ready! I always have some chicken thats already been grilled and veggies that have already been cut up available at all times in glass containers!
-Being prepared in LIFE and being organized also helps make a healthy lifestyle POSSIBLE!
-Make a grocery list when you go grocery shopping! Having a list with meals already planned out for the week helps you not bother AVOID the processed food AISLES!
-Get some glass containers to store your food in (worth every penny!)
-Pick a day (Sunday works for me) to steam, grill and chop and stick to it NO matter what!

What changes are you going to make this weekend?
What are some easy ways you prepare foods for the week?

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