Sunday, June 10, 2012



The sun is shining and rocking short short's, summer dresses and bikinis is the clothing being pulled out from our closets. 

Are you a radiant tan that all your friends admire?

If you are and you did it being a sun goddess outside or in a tanning bed...

If you did it with organic self tanners or by using a spray tan technician....

Skin not only is the first thing people notice when seeing, meeting or catching your glance (hot guy ;)

 it is your first sign of your age so you better get out of that sun and grab some sunblock PRONTO or you are next up in the old aged wrinkle leathery HOT mess!

Celebrities are HUGE fans because its quick, easy and does not harm your youthful glowing skin!

 Mary Kate is a huge fan when she decided to move onto a summer goddess!

Keira looks amazing both ways but when she is rocking that bikini you know she has been spray tanned!

Want to get a spray tan?

If you are in the Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo areas and want to look like you have been prancing around the beach for weeks without the damaging effects to your skin I am offering a 30 day special which ends July 6th, 2012! For only $45 USD, I will come spray tan you at your home with an organic solution formulated just for YOU! No two solutions are alike as no two skin tones are alike :)
Feel free to call me at: 624-174-8179 or comment below and book fast as slots are filling up!

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