Monday, June 18, 2012


That word...DIET..

It SUCKS does it not?..

Like me I am sure you are getting ready to ROCK your hot new bod at the beach, pool parties or just wearing those hot new summer dresses and short-shorts!

Or if you are not quite ready yet you are working towards it and working hard!

You have cut it out and are so tempted ALL the time but what if there was an easier way to make this diet thing EASIER?

Today I am going to show you how to psychologically lose weight..

Most nutritionists, diet experts and so forth tend to talk about all the foods you CAN'T have...

NO white breads, NO cookies, NO flour, NO candy, NO starbucks, NO alcohol, NO  to all of your favorite food

So what happens...

Imagine yourself as a little child..

Me at 3...

Your parents told you "NO, you can't do that or NO you can't have that", so forth...what did you do?


You are a REBEL, hey so am I look at that picture....
most likely without a CAUSE..

but when you force the word NO into your mind you are most likely going to eat that "NO" listed food

For most people trying to achieve that level of "perfection"; it just becomes more stressful so that person ends up throwing in the towel and not doing anything about their current eating habits..

Especially since most of the healthy foods they have tried are plain, tasteless, boring, the word NO to the one thing that fulfills that current desire, that current craving, that current YUM (nom nom nom) moment, just seems too difficult to say NO too...

Is this you?

It was me especially with candy...I knew sugar=fat, sugar=diabetes, sugar=the devil, but one taste of Swedish Fish and I was eating the entire box (movie theatre size of course)...and this is because I kept telling myself NO Court you can NOT have these Swedish Fish...

What I learned from what nutritionists call the "90/10" rule is that if you fill your temple (body) up with nutritious, healthy foods your body will no longer crave these "NO" listed foods...

Ok yah whatever I still crave those chocolate donuts even after a filling chicken and veggie salad...

I still crave those swedish fish sister let me tell you...but..the last time I had some was on my wedding day and I had..if I can remember like 5 or 6 and I was happpy..

But wait, I said 90/10 rule which means 10% of the time you can feel free to help yourself to that donut because what's the one goal most of us have? 

It is to be BALANCED...

Start looking forward to those juicy fresh fruits, or that scrumptious vegetable salad with your favorite homemade dressing! I love red wine vinegar and a tablespoon of hummus!

Salad with chicken and shredded carrots! The chicken was marinated in rosemary and dill so good!

Yummy chicken salad with sprouts, sun dried tomatoes, olives and a balsamic vinaigrette 

Soup that tasted like a pizza with some brewers yeast (since I am allergic to dairy)

1 cup air popped pop corn is only 35-40 calories per cup add some coconut oil while popping and you get around 50-60 calories add some Brewers Yeast which will dose you up on B-12 (energy) and add a cheesy flavor to your popcorn and there you are your replacement for cheesy chips!

1/2 a cup of papaya and a drizzle of raw honey takes even that ice cream fanatics craving away and its only about 50 calories depending on how much raw honey you drizzle! If you want more papaya trade the raw honey for some 0 calorie Stevia for that same craving punch and remember that 1 cup of papaya without honey is only 50-60 calories!

Sprouts are living foods which give you a ton of energy and can be added to anything! Add them to your eggs in the morning, toast them and have them as snacks, make a salad out of them! 

Start your day by telling yourself what you WILL be having not what you WILL NOT and I promise ridding of that crap food will become easier and easier

Try new foods and make it exciting for yourself and friends by printing out recipes and cooking for each other! Grab your friends and run to the farmers market and pick up some vegetables you have never seen nor heard of! Ask the farmer or seller a yummy recipe it or just even what its called and look it up online.

There are tons of ways to make eating healthy fun you just need to put the words HEALTHY into a positive light and not an ugly, boring, tasteless one!

Remember slow and steady wins the race...

"Adding MORE heathy foods to your plate "CROWDS OUT" all the crap"

How are you going to crowd out the crap?
What are you going to do to make your YES list more exciting?

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