Monday, June 4, 2012


If you have goals, dreams and desires and never start the actual goal or take the first steps towards obtaining your goals, dreams and desires you really do not have ANY right to complain that something has not happened.

For instance..I dream, I desire and I want abs! I work hard at the gym, eat extremely clean but lack cardio sometimes and I honestly know I can push myself harder but do I?

Well...sometimes...but right now I am on a mission to get these abs I have always dreamed for and desired

I stopped complaining and am now on a MISSION to eat organic, healthy foods and explore my natural surroundings while pushing myself EXTRA hard at the gym and adding more cardio to my lifestyle.

I hate the treadmill, elliptical etc. so I switch it up every 10 minutes at the gym but STILL ugh! 

So now I am off to a new LOVE of hiking, and exploring Cabo San Lucas by foot

Today I went off with two of my girlfriends and hiked (scaled) LOVER'S BEACH

 For those of you who have yet to experience the MAGIC of Cabo San Lucas need to come to this beach! You either have to hike (scale rocks) to it or you can take a water taxi (which I always have)

Little girl in a huge pile of rocks!

The man pictured here has so much swag it became photo worthy! Socks and snorkeling! 

Ashley and Nickie about to Scale Rocks

By the way I am BAREFOOT on rocks YES!

I did it!

I felt so accomplished and just super connected to my spiritual, natural self which is always good :)

My challenge to myself is to start trying new things and explore my element and explore just ME more!

I love the fact that I spent time with my girlfriends, worked out, checked off a ( I have never....) and began a new routine for myself.

As the quote above says...Begin NOW so start today....


and start checking things off...

What is stopping YOU from starting your new beginning?


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