Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I just kicked this workouts ASS!

I need these in my life....

I am preparing for my trip to Playa Del Carmen and CAN NOT wait to share all the beauty there is out in Playa! I hope to show you some workouts on the GORGEOUS beaches and hope to do my stretches out by the ocean (my fitness goals for the trip)

Before I go on any type of vacation I really kick my booty and blast out HIIT's, Tabatas and just fast paced training so I get the mix of Cardio and weight training in one workout :)

Waking up and not hungry for breakfast just yet?
Try taking a small "stroll through the park" or through your neighborhood
This act wakes up your body, gets the blood flowing and can help digest what was not digested from last nights late night snack or large dinner.

I love scooping a papaya like I would an ice cream carton and drizzling some raw honey inside!

Ok back to the WORKOUT:

I ROCKED this workout on the tennis courts as I could jog around it for my pre cardio warm-up!

I ALWAYS write down my workout before I hit it because you can easily get distracted when you get to where you are about to workout!

I used some weights to AMP UP the cardio push and used a resistance tube for the sumo squats and side lunges! 

If you do not have this equipment NOT TO WORRY you can still ROCK this workout without it! 

What do you do fitness wise before a vacation or mini trip?

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