Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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One of my clients has an addiction to Starbucks which I do as well :)

What can I say, I love my Venti Iced Tea, free Wi-Fi and desk space. Plus, I love the vibe of my local Starbucks and its nice to see a lot of locals in and out as well.  I was reading some of the nutriton data and my jaw dropped! People actually drink 800 calories? And then add a "whole grain blueberry muffin" to the bunch! That is close to all of my calories and that is just one eating situation for the day! 

Maybe people don't realize that one drink and that one cake pop could be the reason they are not losing weight! Even if you get a drink that is around 200-300 calories. Is it loaded with SUGAR? Does this drink fill you up? 

Check STARBUCKS NUTRITION CHART and find out :) Your once a day latte could be 300 calories!


-Bring your own sweetener (Stevia)
-Avoid Heavily Whipped, Venti, Flavored
-Just because it is "Soy" does not mean lower calories
-Don't make the display case a daily treat, bring a piece of fruit with you if you have a hard time avoiding this display
-Opt for a SHORT if you have to have your Java Chip with extra whip
-Start brewing your own teas or making your own coffee drinks at home
-Put the money you would have spent at Starbucks into a jar and go get a mani/pedi

Comment and let me know YOUR FAVORITE STARBUCKS drink?

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